Free game idea: Walking Sim but it's a drive in theater that plays a public domain movie. etc

i mean I might make it but I'm lazy as hell lol

@hellojed I had an idle game idea that i’d never be capable of making: a bethesda or maybe bioware style rpg with no save/reload...if/when you die the next playthrough the world remains altered by the choices previously made. someone will have made off with previous character’s stuff, so you can’t just go corpse retrieve, but it will be findable in the world. if the gear was particularly powerful, whoever found it’s faction will gain influence etc.

@hellojed looted containers remain looted, slain monsters remain slain (though of course others could take up residence in previously cleared lairs) etc. etc.

@juv3nal so this kind of persistent world state, i can dig that. one problem you'd probably have to account for is all the looked over areas would be altered so you'd need a way to gain gear/xp/etc that regenerates or is always there.

@hellojed oh just remembered another idle game idea i’d had: a 3d third person adventure game where they gimmick is your character is clairvoyant, but the clairvoyance is just being able to swivel your camera around like any third person game. use it to look at other opponents’ hands in a poker game, shoulder surf the password for a computer from someone sitting at a desk opposite yours, clip the camera through a wall and see something happening in the next room etc.

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