There's a party at GDC this year which will have games exclusive to that party, which will be deleted after the party ends. It's like they're trying to kill people with FOMO

this is in my opinion the dumbest shit ever. It's exclusionary, gate-keeping, and goes against software preservation.


its like they decided the Wild Rumpus party wasn't bad enough, they had to go even worse

@hellojed Counter-program with games you can only play if you weren't at that party

@mogwai_poet I think just hearing about it made me instantly cynical and exhausted. Like, I'm expecting to miss out, but hearing about this party just threw gasoline onto the fire.

@hellojed I don't know how you get there, but I think the trick is to realize that every social interaction, much like every game, is pretty much the same goddamn thing as last time.

I think that's also the trick to being okay with your own death?

@mogwai_poet @hellojed That's a radius drawn from the convention center to a bit outside San Mateo

currently adding Location Services Disabled checks

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