Hi Mastodon I was laid off suddenly last month and I'm on the job hunt.

I am an experienced game developer in the Seattle area. I do game engineering and design, and I have skills in a bunch of areas including programming, visual design, illustration, and others.

My portfolio of work can be found here:

If you're hiring please get in touch, if you'd like to help please boost. Thanks

@hellojed I'm working on a project right now, not a viable source of income at the moment, but when it is, I'd be interested in talking. I'm not an animator, at all. I'm a story/engine guy.

@Tolyk Sure. What are your anticipated needs for the project?

@hellojed Honestly, I am not sure at the moment. My co-designer/lead programmer committed suicide a year ago, and my projects all got shelved. I'm still rebuilding, and starting to get steam into it again.

@Tolyk I'm very sorry to hear that. I've done design and programming and depending on the situation can do both.

Was this using the unity engine or something else?

@hellojed I don’t have any particular leads but the Seattle Indies meetup group is a great resource with people who are looking to hire devs now and then. The discord and Facebook groups are particularly good for this stuff.

@fluffy I've been to their meetups before, but I should join the discord channel too. Thank you!

@hellojed a talk at SeaGL said there are 6k tech openings in WA

hopefully something good pops up for you

@hellojed Man, I wish I had a lead for you! Your portfolio looks awesome.

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