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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

day 17, the tower.

once I asked for a tarot reading and this was the card I got. it turned out to be precedent mastodon.social/media/jJviog6a

Midway thru making an ekranoplan model I totally forgot I had one lying around already. neat mastodon.social/media/wcnM65wn

so I'm building a game with a very large plane that you fly around, here's a preview mastodon.social/media/bnJ6dVMG

woahhhh mama, taking unity's new post processing stuff for a spin mastodon.social/media/D5FExA10

Found a webzone that has the entire earth's terrain as a hightmap, and they let you export the data! lookie here


Grand Turismo Sport has an excellent photo mode, they almost almost look real. Here are some shots I made mastodon.social/media/pE67A1s0 mastodon.social/media/X3XnIWse