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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

Finally did my christmas card this year.

Every year for a few years (I think 6 now?) I make a card and get it printed and mail em out. it's one of the rare time I print any artwork.

I didn't do one in 2016 because it was a real shitty time, but they're back this year

Here it is mastodon.social/media/EU6MHTlX

drew the Xmas card at last. ooh . gotta get it scanned and on my computer. mastodon.social/media/sWWIPVCn

I guess this porshe was in a shed for 30 years, the craigslist ad's photos tell a story. The shed was closed until vines took over, so they cut em all out and found this car inside mastodon.social/media/d_oFyr01 mastodon.social/media/xK6Z7u9s mastodon.social/media/S5r40V_6 mastodon.social/media/EyS_AcXu

I think this is gonna be my Xmas card design this year. a big ol treehouse. mastodon.social/media/ZBnyxoma

after hours of tedious hand stitching, my back patch is now on mastodon.social/media/qzjl9jOg

fair point mister game developer, but I would totally greenlight a game from Snoop Dogg mastodon.social/media/NBGztKcz

I worked at a F2P company where 90% of the pitches by mgmt were like this mastodon.social/media/7_wl5aWa