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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

tire is finally on, whole thing is bolted up. looks great! mastodon.social/media/lsiWhZMe

Gran Turismo added the MK3 Supra, so naturally I had to nab it and snap a snazzy photo

every dirty trick I know in one line

one trip to the machine shop later: my front hub is all ready. I just need forks...and to do the rear hub....and assemble the wheels....and throw the tires on...and mastodon.social/media/p5D_oNQV

alright I got the UI to show up
now all i need is to make all the buttons work, somehow....

Mascot for PS4 game Frantics is my fursona's final form

Here's what the full house theme sounds like if you add 4 layers of reverb

someone I know is living in Mexico for the winter. he's discovered a pool table out in the middle of nowhere. surreal. mastodon.social/media/vYJ-16YC

Watching a coal mining doc and suddenly this WW1 poster shows up mastodon.social/media/biqcEyAs

I'm watching G Gundam to detox from watching Annihilation, this anime is some shit mastodon.social/media/WpAmq803