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This place said they filled the role but the ad is still up. at least tell me I'm not experienced enough

@impiaaa There is a game on steam that's based around Soviet ground effect aircraft and it was actually pretty bad, I don't have much competition youtube.com/watch?v=2xgNipluGA

It's Tuesday Night baby, you know what that means: Drinking 6 cans of surge and listening to the F Zero X soundtrack on full blast

meetup went better than expected, met several people including one that went to the same drawing meetup as me.

Also: met someone who works on the same Hololens team at microsoft of which I applied to recently, he forwarded my name to the hiring manager

the same hiring manager is also my recruiter's favorite person to work with at the company

so, uh, things are looking less shitty, hoping I get an interview out of this, but nothing is a given

@Devils_Rancher I've wanted to live here my whole life, so it's worth it for now.

I'm at the Game Dev Meetup. I'm complaining about not getting a job

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day 17, the tower.

once I asked for a tarot reading and this was the card I got. it turned out to be precedent mastodon.social/media/jJviog6a

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Midway thru making an ekranoplan model I totally forgot I had one lying around already. neat mastodon.social/media/wcnM65wn

@Pabo Here: 3d-map-generator.com/heightmap Specifically the BC coast in North America, but you can zoom into whatever land you want and have it export the image as a PNG

Then, you import it into GIMP or whatever and export as a .raw file, which you then give to a unity terrain object. I used this guide by @nicknicknicknick medium.com/@nickfourtimes/usin

I guess I could try to finish the Twine game I was building to apply for a narrative design position. I know I'll get rejected no matter what though

I emailed a former colleague about a local job on a game team he worked on. turns out he's no longer on the team and moved back to Texas.

I also got a form rejection from another studio .

I haven't even left my bed and today already sucks

why am I even trying to find a job? I don't even qualify for unemployment. fuck fuck fuck fuck