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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

tire is finally on, whole thing is bolted up. looks great! mastodon.social/media/lsiWhZMe

struggling to put the front tire on. I hate this part the most, probably over anything else I do maintenance wise with a bike. These fucking tires. damn

also the bearings aren't pressed into the rears either :X

I still haven't touched the rear wheel/axle, which is the hardest to get to and in the worst shape, with more parts I have to worry about (both the freewheel sprocket and the chain sprocket)

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messing with all this stuff makes me feel like that tweet the octodad dev made once

something along the lines of:

"I've planned, developed, tested, and shipped my own game, all while opening a business in the process. I'm now ready for entry level work"

and i'm like


Steamed Hams but everytime they say "steamed hams" someone reads the entire script for The B Movie

I set aside today to work on the moped, I guess I better get to it then, huh.

@nex3 I have an iPod with this connector type and it rules. I can use it everywhere

i got my inventory UI working, you can click buttons on screen and in game they get equipped with those items.

it's all terribly hacky, but I think I can do a full game loop now.

Seriously thinking of reinstalling TF2 and finding a furry server reliving college/post college dayz

That time during the mid 00's when a shitty comedy came out on DVD and had the words "UNRATED" plastered over the cover like there's something raunchy about this cut and the only unrated part was like the DVD commentary.

Vermintide but you play as a rat and can dress up and build a community

@hummingrain it was the shit. whole 1+ hour long movies.

Watching a youtube video on PSP UMDs and suddenly remembered I watched 9/11 Loose Change on my PSP on the way to a Quizbowl tornyment when i was in high school.

I also remember back when Google video was a thing, you could download a .mov of anything. That's how I got a lot of Top Gear / MST3K episodes.

Tonight i feel like a PSP UMD copy of Star Trek Nemesis that's still on sale at the grocery store DVD bargin bin

@theoutrider [Quake 3 announcer voice] Relatable

Fork tubes arrived for my moped, now the only thing preventing me from getting it running is the greatest obstacle:
my own lazy ass

"maybe if I were better at math in high school i wouldn't be in this socio-economic situation" I think to myself, a lot

Burnout remains good, I do miss the tracks that were from Burnout 3 + Revenge. Also: it's a lot easier than 3. On 3 there was a very noticeable difficulty curve, and it took several tries for me to beat certain races. Not to mention some of the time trials were also very tricky, since the cars went super fast.

To balance this I've been picking slower cars than i've unlocked to create more of a challenge.

I really like it, it's less of a challenge though