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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

I have an Xmas party to go to tonight with a white elephant gift XXXchange and I don't have anything good so I'm going to a stupid Goodwill to get one :/

also: remember that terrible job I had recently? well I met someone who used to work under my same boss, and he's part of a secret group chat of former people from that studio.

last night was wild. Popcap's bar of choice in Belltown, Two Bells, is closing next month, so my coworkers organized an ad-hoc reunion.

Saw a bunch of old faces, met a few people. Carolers came into the bar at one point. I got home round 11.

@ryusei pretty rad, I really want to get to working instead of ramping up

first weekend since starting the new job

I totally worked with Elizabeth Sampat for a hot minute. oh

at the popcap farewell to two bells, a bar in belltown that's closing after many years that popcap employees frequent. it's like a family reunion

I met someone who worked under the same boss I did. woahhhhhh.

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going to watch Star warz today on company time. uhhh

Finally did my christmas card this year.

Every year for a few years (I think 6 now?) I make a card and get it printed and mail em out. it's one of the rare time I print any artwork.

I didn't do one in 2016 because it was a real shitty time, but they're back this year

Here it is mastodon.social/media/EU6MHTlX

I went for a run and that ate up my whole evening, basically.

tonight I need to send a thing off to a virtual printer for xmas cards

Postfurry means you listen to Godspeed You! Black Emporer instead of Eurobeat when you're shitposting