To all web sites that keep repeating your message that I should accept your f**king cookie: how about you actually SET a f**king cookie that remembers my f**king click on “ok, whatever, go away” button? .

With an iPhone, is it possible to block incoming calls from a specific country?
I am starting to think it isn't possible, but would like to exclude that I've missed something.

Updating servers that are in production is always stressful, especially if you have a handful of sites on the same server, but now I have PHP 7.2 safely running and all sites are still up/working. :)

S02 of The OA manages to tread that fine line between annoying the heck out of me but I still wish to see the next episode. I'm not done yet. No spoilers.

Trying to dress correctly for shirt meetings during the day and the following Death Metal gig after work, without time to go home in between, is a challenge.

Apparently I don't learn. Was about to start a movie from Plex, noticed there was a message saying "Oh, hey, there is an update!" which I applied. Everything stopped working. Bye-bye Friday evening.

The feeling when your back-up plan including roll-back of previous version actually works. That.

The hunt continues for tightening up my privacy and my old data leakage. This is what I've been up to for the last week or so.

Anyone else who dreads deleting a "Downloads" folder as it MIGHT contain something useful that you just have missed or forgotten about, and every time you see that folder you think "one day I'll go through that one..."

Oh, and yes, I have seen the "oh, you just log out and reboot and log in again when you are back up!" as that completely messes up the family settings where my phone/account is the one that manages the kids phones.

Exactly how many times per day am I expected to sign-in to iTunes Store on my phone, especially when I'm not using it? It wakes up from sleep due to a notification that I need to sign-in. So I do. Again. And again. And again...

Wow. I had completely missed Authy and its back-ups and its multi-device functionality. Bye bye Google Authenticator.

Phew. Breaking the Gmail chains I have finally gotten my own mail server up and running for about 10 domains that ALSO is correctly configured and won't be sorted automatically as spam (that was the tricky part) if a user would e-mail a Gmail user etc.

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