Anyone I know who has views/experience of Nimbus Note (primarily as a replacement for Evernote)?

I need to clean up my habits. Keep forgetting to post here. :/

So, you know your average wall. On it sits your average house spider. Nothing weird or strange really.

What I'm wondering is: what IS the spider doing? I mean, is it resting? Does it ponder the meaning of life? It probably can't see very far. What made it pick that spot to sit still, and why? Can it be sleeping? If it isn't, why isn't it moving somewhere? Surely there must be nicer places to "hang", even for spiders?

"...China was always going to embrace-and-extend its reach over western companies, and this is just the beginning."

I say, some amazing acting in Criminal (), especially by Tennant & Atwell, but the entire show is great.

In the "what country has the most boring daytime TV?", where UK has "Houses of Parliament Channel" and some countries have endless half-empty church masses, Sweden is currently in the lead with "Forum".

It has hours on end, back to back, of boring non-styled Powerpoints presented by monotone presenters, on topics that at best is semi-related to the very local municipality the presenter comes from.

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