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‪Since purchasing AirMail on multiple platforms they have recently changed their business model to a subscription, which I've never agreed to. What is the best email client for multiple email accounts (and types) these days, without subscription?‬

Is there an MS Office setting somewhere that allows me to actually select the words I have selected, without adding words before/after my selection? It is driving me mad.

To all web sites that keep repeating your message that I should accept your f**king cookie: how about you actually SET a f**king cookie that remembers my f**king click on “ok, whatever, go away” button? .

With an iPhone, is it possible to block incoming calls from a specific country?
I am starting to think it isn't possible, but would like to exclude that I've missed something.

Updating servers that are in production is always stressful, especially if you have a handful of sites on the same server, but now I have PHP 7.2 safely running and all sites are still up/working. :)

S02 of The OA manages to tread that fine line between annoying the heck out of me but I still wish to see the next episode. I'm not done yet. No spoilers.

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