‪The Spanish PM will extend the "state of alarm" thanks to an agreement with former pro indy ERC party and extreme right C'anos party ccma.cat/324/ciutadans-arriba-

80 years ago the Spanish Army bombed the city of Granollers : 224 Catalans were killed. ‬
‪No forget, no forgive. ‬

‪Several demonstrations took place for Basque Hunger Striker jailed in a Spanish gaol who after 30 days is denouncing the violation of Human Rights by the Spanish captors ‬

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‪Former pro indy party ERC closes a new pact to support the Spanish govt and its 'state of alarm' renouncing to the dialogue table, the Catalan competences during the next phase 2 and rhe management of social aids elconfidencial.com/espana/2020

‪A new cheese of Catalan Farmers called Il·lusió (Illusion) with goat milk launched this week ‬

‪Spain ignores once again Amnesty's call for release of Catalan grassroots political prisoners, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart elnacional.cat/en/politics/amn

in 2005 a Spanish squad attacked Catalan youth on Berga shouting "Let's kill Catalans". Josep M. Isanta was stabbed and killed by the Catalanophonic gang. ‬

‪One of the Spanish colonies in Africa, Ceuta, admits it could return to phase 0 after a "significant" rise in cases and calls for more police on its streets.‬
‪Spanish Imperialism Kills Nowadays as it Has killed the Last Six Centuries‬

‪Spain has no longer resources to pay pensions. The overflow of the Social Security deficit around € 60 billion after 2 loans granted by the state means accumulation of a debt of € 99.35 billion eleconomista.es/economia/notic

‪COVID Threatens Spain’s Centuries-Old Bullfighting Tradition but the bailout plan paid by all the Europeans will save this criminal performance animanaturalis.org/nobullfight

‪Tomorrow in Le Monde: ‬
‪82 ans, l’ancien monarque espagnol, réputé séducteur et bon vivant, est au cœur d’une affaire financière si retentissante qu’elle menace l’avenir même de la couronne dans son pays.‬

‪"Let's take back the streets". That was one of the catch-cries as, for the second Tuesday in a row, demonstrations were held across Catalonia: protesters from the pro-independence groups ANC and CDR‬

‪In the midst of conflict with the paramilitary Civil Guard after the dismissal of colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos who beat Catalans in October 2017 has followed the resignation of the force's number two of the paramilitary corps Laurentino Ceña ‬

‪People having a hard time to assume the new normal is not the old one: superspreader event in Lleida (20 people being infected in a birthday party)‬

‪With the Armenian version Wikipedia has now the article of Francesc Macià in 41 languages. He was the Catalan President between 1931-1933.The colonel organized a plot to free Catalonia by military means in 1926 from Prats de Molló, in the Vallespir region.‬

‪Here they go again: Francoists and Fascists take the streets in Madrid with the full complicity of the state. Meanwhile Catalan Democrats are jailed and beaten. This is the Europe of the 21st century. ‬

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