The grassroots movement Catalonians for Independence display a huge banner of the Catalan Resistance in Palafrugell

Dolors Feliu has been elected as the new chairman and speaker for the pro independence grassroots movement Catalan National Assembly (ANC)

The Spanish colonial auxiliary police harrass Catalan students who protest the imposition of the Spanish colonial tongue in the Catalan schools by the

Spanish Spy chief sacked over phone hacking: Spain's spy agency admitted to wiretapping at least 18 pro-independence Catalan leaders with a court order; PM and DM also targeted, likely by another state

in 1936 Josep & Miquel Badia i Capell, brothers, founders of the JEREC (Left Youth for a Catalan State), were shot dead by a Spanisish squad as they left their home, in Barcelona.
The killers were never found.
Catalonia does not forget its Patriots. resistenciacatalana.blogspot.c

Sad to know the death of long standing Help Catalonia collaborator Miquel Strubell tonight. Rest in peace.

Meeting in Lleida about the Spanish repression on Catalan Youth with a petition of 19 years of jail and € 60,000 in fines

in 1897 Lluís Escaler i Espunyes was born, he was member of Catalanist Union, Catalan State and Ourselves Alone.
On February 6th 1939 he was hijacked and on April 23rd 1939 the Spanish army shot him.

Fake news and disinformation Made in Spain: effects on the rule of law by Junts (Together)

in 1938 the Spanish aircraft bombed the city of Barcelona. They attacked Ciutat Vella and Barceloneta twice in the morning. The Felip Neri Square was destroyed and 42 people died, 20 of them children.

A Spanish colonial court orders the Barcelona's city council to give award back to Franco's Fascist ex-minister investigated for crimes against humanity. High Court rules council cannot revoke 1976 decision to give Rodolfo Martín Villa city's gold medal

Spain's former police commissioner says during his trial that Spanish Intelligence was behind the 2017 terror attacks in Barcelona & Cambrils.They wanted “a small action” to frighten the Catalan people "but it went out of their hands":15 people were killed

Tribute of the Catalan authorities to Francesc Macià who died. He was the 122nd President of Catalonia. A milion people attended his funeral.
His will was Catalan Independence and tried to liberate the nation by military actions

The Spanish Kingdom Official State Gazette has now stopped publishing its Catalan translation, which has been active since 1998. Spanish majority is trying to erase the Catalan minority at any level.

Tweet by the Spanish paramilitary Police celebrating the creation of manhunting parties with dogs in 1949 to fight the people's guerrilla against the Fascist dictatorship.

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