Basque Nationalist Party will support the Spanis state budget, in return the barracks of the Spanish army in Donosti will be removed

EU General Court rejects Spanish offensive against Catalan MEPs Puigdemont and Comín in its offensive to remove them

Musicians Singing for freedom last night in Vilafranca del Penedès

Madrid makes up the Covid-19 data of contagion by omitting thousands of cases daily. It will affect Europe sooner or later spreading again the pandemic

the Nazis killed in Mathausen the Catalan government Minister Josep Miret i Musté

The Speaker of the Spanish Parliament Speaker removes the word to Galician and Catalan MPs speaking their languages

in 1713 the Spanish hanged upon the gallows Francesc Macià i Ambert known as Bac de Roda, Catalan Patriot who fought the Spanish invaders since 1703 leading the Miquelets, Catalan mountain light troops

En venda:
Autonomia de Catalunya.
Preu: 155 monedes de plata.

Today's raid against Catalans has been called by the Military police 'Operation Volkhov to honor the first victory of the Nazi troops with Spanish soldiers in World War II, a campaign in which the Civil Guard itself participated

In Spain "officially" there is curfew from for "subjects" but politicians and elite yesterday enjoyed dinner for 150 mostly without wearing masks. The guests included the highly incompetent criminal Health Minister @salvadorilla as well as @guyverhofstadt protegeé @InesArrimadas

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