@mastonaut users reported that they had been unable connecting Mastonaut with Friendica servers. Friendica does support the Mastodon API, but it seems as if Mastonaut is performing some additional magic before connecting. How does it perform this check and how can make it to work with Friendica?

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@heluecht Hello! Can you provide an example instance for me to investigate?

Hey, a user has contacted me with this same issue, and I was able to identify it as a slight mismatch in the `Account` model. It seems that Mastodon always returns a valid URL for the `header` and `header_static` fields. I can tweak the parser in Mastonaut to expect a nullable URL but I thought of giving you a heads up as this might pop up as an issue in different places as well 😄

@mastonaut Thanks for having a look at it! By coincidence I just did so in the last days. Sadly the API documentation is not so clear about this. Had you seen other stuff that we are currently not doing right?

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