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Tor Browser isn't just a tool for protecting activists and journalists online. You can teach your family to protect themselves with it, too.

Why should Google, your ISP, and website trackers know what your kids are researching and what sites they're visiting? They shouldn't.

Why hasn't anyone been arrested yet for rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders?
Isn't that election fraud?
Wasn't that like two years ago?

Amazon employees are demanding the company stop selling facial recognition tech to police departments.

Amazon needs to choose people over profits.


Let me present to you, the new documentation website:

I ported the API docs over (and improved them), the administration section is more cohesive, the design is responsive now

javascript the language: better all the time, accessible, basically makes the world go 'round

javascript the ecosystem: lol your shit broke again, keep up dummy. oops too slow, we have a new package manager now whee

237,301 accounts
+4 in the last hour
+407 in the last day
+4,346 in the last week

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