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PRESS RELEASE: The @SETIInstitute@twitter.com’s Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program is delighted to announce that it has partnered with the world-renowned @ArsElectronica@twitter.com to create the SETI x AI art residency. The open call for submission launches on September 9, 2020. buff.ly/3ieLmBZ

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Atmospheric soundtracks may be indeed our only distance from fiction past:

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Someone put Bladerunner 2049 music to drone footage of San Francisco and at first I didn’t know whether to be amazed or horrified. This is very much horrifying.

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… and as a matter of fact I do, switching audio on and off. 😅
An overlay of what each program is current what’s next would be very helpful!

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Did you know that - theoretically ;) - you can watch four live streams of the festival simultaneously until September 13? ars.electronica.art/keplersgar

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So excited to watch @Kyra_Goni@twitter.com ’s 🌱 within — watch live at youtu.be/1T8UaQnOVtI in 10 minutes from now!

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What comes after? presents 5 digital works that explore the search for a tomorrow that has been marked by a never-ending pandemic.
Discover them at onassis.org/whats-on/hackathen from Sept. 9.


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120 chairs from St. Florian Monastery in @StadtLinz@twitter.com, the @unesco_de@twitter.com City of Media Arts: Each of them represents one of our partners+guests who cannot be with us this year, but are still there. Without you, wouldn't be possible!

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The international media denied to revel their provider of commas.

“The fire started at noon near the tomb of Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae who was killed during the Trojan War, according to local media.”

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The wildfire raging near the ruins of the Bronze Age site of in started at noon near the tomb of Agamemnon, king during the Trojan War u.afp.com/3Lec

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Kids Next Door LA is one of a number of TikTok houses set up around the U.S. where teens live, sleep and brainstorm creative ideas for dance and music videos. But their livelihoods are now at risk reut.rs/3hC5nSx

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Onassis Stegi is taking part in @ArsElectronica@twitter.com with "Stories of Athens". From Sept. 9 you can explore digitally the multimedia installation by @Kyra_Goni@twitter.com, as well as the works that stood out in . How does change affect our city? onassis.org/whats-on/ars-elect

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Inside the Ars Electronica Garden Athens, @Stegi_occ@twitter.com presents Data Garden, a multimedia installation, and HackAthens 2020, a series of five works in the form of film, digital games, sound drama and mobile apps. ars.electronica.art/keplersgar

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New installation will be a solo show at @Stegi_occ@twitter.com and part of @ArsElectronica@twitter.com festival. For the work, I have conducted a series of interviews with scholars & researchers. In the thread, I 'll introduce the great people I have been in conversation with.

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Call for Applications - Artist Residencies! 🤖🎨
Part of the project "Generation A=Algorithm", 13 residencies in 11 European countries for young artists from Europe (EU and UK!), apply by 15 September!

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A '90s internet simulator! We've gone full circle, but this is somehow exciting in that it tries to simulate a past era of a living medium, “while also keeping an eye on your inbox, avoiding viruses and adware, and downloading a plethora of apps that may or may not be useful” →

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🖥️ Scour the weirdest corners of the Web in , launching 27/08 on !

Download the demo: bit.ly/3h8ojbj

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TL;DR: Facebook will require login by itself for Oculus. A long awaited move, true to their business model and part of their expected on Virtual Reality.

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In light of Facebook's move to integrate Oculus, I repost my 2017 talk about Virtual Reality, which is probably my best.

Stranger Playthings. Remaking a VR counterculture

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