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Former president of @JohnsHopkins@twitter.com on reading in 1901: “Reading is a kind of craze that has gotten hold of the people. It is a dangerous habit, like a stimulant. The publishers are constantly putting forth new attractions in the field & the reviewers excite our appetite."

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Have just climbed on top of a hill from the east. It’s evening, the sky is orange-red, clear of clouds. […]


Have just climbed on top of a hill from the east. It’s evening, the sky is orange-red, clear of clouds.


… hence all my incoming PDFs are saved in a folder aptly named “tsundoku”. A burden which I plan to pass to my offspring.

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just downloaded another pdf on my computer that I aspire to read

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Shout-out to my amazing sister slash genius-artist on a Wednesday

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Hello I'm Siadora, I'm really really ridiculously into good to meet you :B

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I understand why VC's love Clubhouse so much.

Same energy.

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Loukia Alavanou & @stephdink@twitter.com speak with @TheCinematic@twitter.com, about storytelling using XR.
"Bodies in Space: Storytelling and the Moving Image in Extended Reality" presented by —a @NEWINC@twitter.com & @OnassisUSA@twitter.com project, 2.2.2020 at 6PM EET, via Zoom
Register at newmuseum.org/calendar/view/17

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Ξεκινούν οι αιτήσεις για τον Πανελλήνιο Μαθητικό Διαγωνισμό «Hack the Map: Η Χάρτα του Ρήγα» - edu.ellak.gr/2021/01/15/xekino

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I never share images found on the webz, but I cannot resist to Miyazaki's creative struggles.

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Distributed Critique: Critical New Media as a Research Environment for the Post-Humanities .. By @nathan_lica@twitter.com ..

Incl. @EmmanouilTranos@twitter.com, @Daphne_Dragona@twitter.com, @Kyra_Goni@twitter.com, @judithbutIer@twitter.com @the_eco_thought@twitter.com, @OlgaGoriunova@twitter.com, @mdieter@twitter.com, @diannbauer@twitter.com ..

👉🏻 parsejournal.com/article/distr

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Our educational toolkit on documentary heritage, artificial intelligence and art just got published by @Stegi_occ@twitter.com as part of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab @ArsElectronica@twitter.com. Together with @Nikos_voyiatzis@twitter.com @stouraitis@twitter.com Download here: onassis.org/whats-on/archives-

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FRIDAY, December 18 at 11 AM EST. ONX Studio presents "Bodies in Space: Extended Realities in Live Performance," a NEW INC & Onassis project. The talk will center on how choreography relates to telepresence and embodied experiences. Register here! bit.ly/3oV3fZg 🌴

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"So why hasn’t our image of the future changed in 40 years? ...Perhaps the problem is that the cyberpunk future partially came true." Very good article - "Does cyberpunk’s vision of the future belong in the past?" ft.com/content/a9e5e7ae-ed28-4

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Introducing: ONX Studio—an accelerator, production studio, and an exhibition gallery located in NYC, created in partnership with @OnassisUSA@twitter.com. Today we announced our inaugural cohort of 23 members, and shared a first look at our purpose-built XR studio. onx.studio/

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@edyong209@twitter.com SAURON: working from home, tired from keeping the whole team on track w/ too many remote meetings via palantír

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