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THREAD: So, most people associate Japanese design with either cute kitsch or zen-like minimalism, but its much more diverse, & 1 of my particular fav periods was the architecture of its 80-90s boom era; wild, strange & incredibly diverse, & unique in world architectural history

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Things blamed on radio (From 1920s to 1940s)

- Bad economy
- Poor grades
- Robbery
- Dead birds
- Dirigible explosions
- Broken windows
- Fights
- Rain
- Snow
- Drought
- Gun deaths
- Bad skin
- Jail breaks
- Unemployment of blind
- Blue, green and pink water

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FOR APPLICATIONS +++ two-month in 2020 & 2021 for European in 11 EU countries +++ European Media Art Platform / European Media Artists in Residence Exchange @emap_emare@twitter.com >>> co-funded by

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Το δώρο της Κυριακής. Τα «Στοιχεῖα» του Ευκλείδη (Aλεξάνδρεια, ~300 π.Χ.) σε μια πανέμορφη παρουσίαση βασισμένη στο διάσημο έργο του Oliver Byrne c82.net/euclid/

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F'xa "Your feminist guide to AI bias", created by Feminist Internet (feministinternet.com) (@otheragent@twitter.com et al.) F'xa is designed to educate users on issues of diversity in AI, e.g. developer diversity & voice assistant identities. Use via mobile, here f-xa.co

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Tumblr screwed us, Facebook screwed us, and eventually Twitter will screw us too. If you want a cheap, accessible platform to make friends and share your art that will never screw you to make a buck, my friend, it's time to get into zines

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For anyone having a bad day, here's a bird realising golf balls bounce on concrete 😂

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The visual analysis-annotation project I do in classes documented extensively w tons of student examples. A staple of my course, this unleashes a beautiful insightful explosion of thinking from Ss & keeps discussion focused on visual form! Share as you do! spinweaveandcut.com/visual-ana

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