my habit of buying lenovo t420s on craigslist paid off as one finally died. swapped drives and problem solved.

looking forward to . pretending that i just checked into my airbnb.

wondering how it is everyone chose this week to update their privacy policy. there must be an end of year deadline.

i guess i missed the meeting where unwanted domain names are now $2000.

in mountain view. i picked the right airbnb. wifi name is "NSA Access Point"

OH: the nhl 19 video game is how i know the players' names

hmmm...san jose sharks home opener against vegas is the friday after . that's worth staying an extra day.

people's reactions to my flip phone continue to amuse me. yes, i can receive texts but no emojis.

the news of another person making a long road trip to the youtube office reminds me of the shooting from last aprlll. stranger than fiction.

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