This is not just documentary; it’s erotic documentary.

, 1999 GSF
*img 1977-78 CMC Carnival at Seaman's Hall, SF.
Fritscher and chronicled for No 20 & 26 the last years of this 'wet, escalating group-sex-on-drugs' ritual

Dancing. Esta palabra lo encierra todo. Es la piedra de toque de nuestra civilización; es el alma y la vida; la argolla y el libro de nuestra actualidad.

, 1926 Sangre en Atarazanas
*img 1934 La Criolla al carrer del Cid No 10, BCN

(Leaky was like having, I thought, your own personal Mineshaft in bed with you.)

, 1994 TMM
*img c 1983 Wet Wednesday, GSA (Golden Shower Association) Wet Night at Mineshaft NYC―from events newsletter v/#leatherarchives

—del arrobado espíritu en contemplation de cosas celestiales,

*img c 1976 Ganymede and Zeus play at the Eagle's Nest at 21st St & 11th Ave along NYC's dockstrip

, this sympathy . . . driven by the very intense erotic charge—but isn't this adherence?

*img 1977 aka Save Water

History always comes home to roost. There is no possibility of a life uncompromised by the violence of the past.

, 2021 Everybody
*img 1979 Toilet talk

I think that because we have been called sinners, sick, and criminal our defiance takes the form of public sex.

, 1977 Intv.
*img Rechy the Outlaw Speaks, in 1977 v4, No 44 (cover)

homosexuals, invertits, transvestits i putes amb les forces proletàries el 19 de juliol de 1936. . . en el nucli del barri xino, entre La Criolla i Cal Sacristà: la cova del vici.

*img Gràfic [retocat] del moviment facciós a Barcelona el 19 de juliol del 1936

millor el consum caníbal
de sexes i sexes fins a
petita autodestrucció
al jardí de l'encens verinós.

, 1990 Amic/Amant (7)
*img c 1910 desconegut, cruising al Park Güell, bcn

_the shocking world of gay and lesbian sex_

*img Welcome to My Comrade 'Land of Enchantment', in 1989 Out/Look No 6 ( was published/edited by as a small, underground, radical gay magazine in NYC)

by marking the erogenous zones of the city. . . the bodies at play publicly map out new landscapes of desire.

, 1997 One-handed Geographies: An Archaeology of Public Sex
*img 1979 Pl. Catalunya, BCN

¿Para qué este sinuoso recorrido a través de los usos perversos?

, 1988 Territorios Marginais
*img 1983 . Jardim Botânico de São Paulo, uno de los puntos de yire gay de la ciudad. Archivos Desviados…

, and the whole point was that when you walked in the door of The Bar you knew you didn't have to explain anything to anyone who was there, not anymore.
Our lives there were promiscous, I can say that for a start.

, 1990 Ready To Catch Him Should He Fall

I descobreix que davant del Teatre Arnau hi ha uns urinaris bruts i pudents i són plens d'homes que es dediquen a observar si el veí te un membre viril correcte, només per a. . .

, 1951 Pèrdua d'oli / FV
1993 San Pollardino

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