Al carrer Còdols, . . . l'Andreu em va ensenyar la cadena de bars pederàstics col·locats l'un al costat de l'altre, com una selva compacta de mirades que es busquen, de desesperacions que es necessiten mutuament per tal de poder sobreviure entre tants inferns individuals.

, 1969 EdqvmM
*img cruising imaginari per la Barcelona de 1960s

Pues bien, en esas dos o tres simpáticas tascas pueden ver al homosexual que nadie esperaba: desde el albañil con las manos aún sucias de yeso, al fontanero que aún carga la caja de herramientas. La homofilia no respeta clases sociales. Pero ver soltar pluma a un recio mecánico. . .

*img Madrid, pecar por libre. El ligue homosexual; a Set 1977 No 24

Locus sexualis, lugar donde se vierten restos orgánicos, espacio abierto y cerrado de encuentros y desencuentros, ámbito de compulsiones y de ocultación ¿voluntaria?,

, 1997 Dmyc
*img 1993 Sin título («con o sin tí»)

, hi ha biblioteques de sants, heretgies i concilis. I l'infern és l'únic que no ha canviat mai.

, 1934 (2018) Hol'Ac
*img The Fifteen Clubhouse SF, in 1981 No 45

— de cinemes, lavabos i urinaris públics . . . en mode 'campos de placer.'

*img Prostitución masculina en los cines. Muchachos de barrios marginados venden su cuerpo por menos de quinientas pesetas. Barcelona; a Jul 1977 No 13

in the 1920s, the number of urnings was over 10,000 in Budapest, where they had several venues to meet and interact, including bathhouses
and vapour baths,

, 2014 Queering Budapest
*img Rácz Bain, in 1895 Les Bains publics à Budapest

( any place is what you make it )

*img , men play in The Leatherneck (Neck's) on 278 11th St SF, in 1977 No 18

Contrary to myth, what one relishes in loving strangers is not mere anonymity, nor meaningless release. It is the pleasure of belonging to a sexual world, in which one's sexuality finds an answering resonance not just in one other, but in a world of others.

, 1999 Zoning Out Sex / TTwN

Autonomy requires more than civil liberty; it requires the circulation and accessibility of sexual knowledge, along with the public elaboration of a social world that can make less alienated relations possible.

, 1999 Zoning Out Sex / TTwN
*img Le Saloon Polk Street SF, in 1978 No 20

, what it also bespeaks is the unassimilable nature of sodomy.

*img The appointment (detail) by , in 1997 No 20

, skilled labor processes organize structures of feeling, and architectures of interaction;

*img 2015 La Puissance et la Jouissance #9. Based on a promotional poster from the parisian hard sex club Le One Way (1990s)

Skin is the sheath that secures the body's mysteries, where inner and outer, inside and outside collude. . . the site/sight of vulnerability and protection:

, 2008
*img 1946 Yakuza‘ in Bath House. Japan

*** pg 95 —, 2008

, and the algorithm of the marlboro man . . . as homomasculine avatar.

*img 1984 The capacity crowd at the Eagle SF October Folsom, in No 79

. We are fighting a virus, not decadence, perversion, or promiscuity.

, 1996 Revisiting The City of Desire
*img , ticket for 2015 SNAX Club easter, pervy party in lab.oratory / berghain, Berlin

Under thy shadow by the piers I waited;
Only in darkness is thy shadow clear.

, 1930 To Brooklyn Bridge / The Bridge
*img c 1934 Jim Sullivan & Brooklyn Bridge

In mid seventies the time was ripe in Eindhoven to take subversive action against middel [sic] class society. Soon the designation hetero terror was used.

*img History of Vagevuur, in 1996 No 11. (special ed. new facility)

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