, what it also bespeaks is the unassimilable nature of sodomy.

*img The appointment (detail) by , in 1997 No 20

, skilled labor processes organize structures of feeling, and architectures of interaction;

*img 2015 La Puissance et la Jouissance #9. Based on a promotional poster from the parisian hard sex club Le One Way (1990s)

Skin is the sheath that secures the body's mysteries, where inner and outer, inside and outside collude. . . the site/sight of vulnerability and protection:

, 2008
*img 1946 Yakuza‘ in Bath House. Japan

*** pg 95 —, 2008

, and the algorithm of the marlboro man . . . as homomasculine avatar.

*img 1984 The capacity crowd at the Eagle SF October Folsom, in No 79

. We are fighting a virus, not decadence, perversion, or promiscuity.

, 1996 Revisiting The City of Desire
*img , ticket for 2015 SNAX Club easter, pervy party in lab.oratory / berghain, Berlin

Under thy shadow by the piers I waited;
Only in darkness is thy shadow clear.

, 1930 To Brooklyn Bridge / The Bridge
*img c 1934 Jim Sullivan & Brooklyn Bridge

In mid seventies the time was ripe in Eindhoven to take subversive action against middel [sic] class society. Soon the designation hetero terror was used.

*img History of Vagevuur, in 1996 No 11. (special ed. new facility)

I felt again that this research was leading from one strange coincidence to another: the secret history of this fetish club following the intimate rhythms of my own taste.

, 2019 ‘Vagevuur’
*img 1996 No 11 (cover), ‘Raising of the Cross’

Purgatory, between heaven and hell, . . . freedom of choice, the gate leading to. . . We are noncommercial! It's not the profit that's important, but the activities;

, 1992
*img 1992 No 0, a publication from Het Vagevuur, Eindhoven

: donde homosexuales y putos hacen nata.

*img 1986 El oscuro mundo «gay» en un cine / Las últimas noticias, Santiago, Chile


, but the front room was also a favored place for initiating sexual contact. Scenarios that used verbal script to develop erotic momentum found a place here.

, 1993
*img 1983 Mineshaft 'front room' in Black Mask Ball, a GMSA event

, [the] amount of public attention to the vice.

*img c 1900-1915 anonymous, Drie mannen met hoeden in het Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Rijks

, finalement, sur la pier, . . . quelque chose là-bas, au fond, près de verrières cassés qui bordent le Hudson, quelque chose qu'il n'a pas voulu laisser regarder ? ...

, 1980 West End Infernalia / LGV
*img c 1980 The Piers (interior with man), NYC

But 'Steam' revealed in the glory of glory holes and beaches and tea rooms and back rooms and sex clubs like these were the ideal places for transcendence.

, 2020 TFD
*img 1995 SeXplorers; the guide to doing it on the road, STEAM ed.

The docks and waterfront structures marked the edges of Manhattan, yet for those who used to create sex or to create art, these spaces were boundless, their decayed and collapsing state inviting behaviors beyond the limits of public decorum and bourgeois morality.

, 2019 PG
*img c 1980 Piers (ass, docks & waterfront), NYC

Public sex on the waterfront not only violated codes of conduct; it cut across boundaries of class, race and ethnicity. For queer writers like , , and , among others, this was central to its revolutionary potential. . . .The waterfront, once a site of capitalist power, was at least from a brief time cracked, open, overrun.

, 2019 Pier Groups
*img 1947 N.Y. City's waterfront (detail)


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