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(archaic artifacts of sodomy networks)

*img old placard of defunct Argos leatherbar in Warmoesstraat, AMS (1957-2015)

These were, if you’ll permit the metaphor, temples of urethral eroticism.

, 2017 (2020) Patenting The Pissoir: Queer Bodies and Proprietary Technologies / SH
*img 1884 Folding Urinal, Patent by J. L. Mott Iron Works

Same-sex eroticism has been documented in most artisanal classes in which age and status hierarchies subjected male youths to the direct domination of adult men in handicraft production.

, 2019 SH
*img c 1570 Il lanificio. Studiolo di Francesco I. Firenze

—dialectics of enclosure,

*img c 1875 Urinoir en ardoise à deux stalles. Place Saint Germain l’Auxerrois, Paris Ier

A shared grammar of sexual possibility and availability produced by practices of cruising public spaces gave these particular codes their continuity or legibility across time and place. Homosexuality was reconceptualized as an active, counterhegemonic appropriation of urban space generating unique forms of sociality and culture centered around stranger intimacy.

, 2019 SH

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. . . the demand for the ‘right to privacy’ can transcend its liberal antecedents and become a radical demand for change in the relationship between private and public life. This is the real threat posed by so-called ‘public sex’—

, 1985 Sexuality and its Discontents

—la drague et les pissotières,

*img c 1940 Anonymous, Pissotière à Paris

Oh! le moucheron enivré à la pissotière de l'auberge, amoureux de la bourrache, et que dissout un rayon!

, 1873 Une saison en enfer
*img n.d. (1940-50s) Garçons

, the diverted use of public toilets in Germany is known as 'Klappensex' or 'Klappen-sexualität'. . . because of the noise of the slamming cubicle doors breaking the silence.

, 2017 FZK
*img um 1989 Selbstporträt (auf der Klappe)

Anarcoma entra en acción . . . en unos grandes y concurridísimos wc públicos,

*img 1978 (1983) Anarcoma (detall de 'La Caty, carroza amiga y confidente', i els antics urinaris públics de Plaça Catalunya de Barcelona)

In these public settings, too, there exists a sort of democracy that is endemic to impersonal sex.

, 1970 Tearoom Trade
*vid 1983 , L'Homme blesse (sec)

… y pueblos de nuestra geografía), hay historias de maricas que se tejen con olores a ácido úrico, miradas clandestinas y gestos de solicitación.

, 1999 Homografias
*img 1984 Cimetière à vespasiennes Aubervilliers

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Del requisito fisiológico de la micción a la cultura gay no va—¡Ay!, para horror de muchos—más que un paso.

, 1999 Urinarios / Homografias
*img 1865 Projecte d'urinari públic per la Rambla de Santa Mònica, BCN

Whether it be a question of vestiges or the body of another person, we need to know how an object in space can become the eloquent relic of an existence;

, 1945 (1962) Phénoménologie de la perception
*img 1975 The Anvil #1, NYC

We are considered animal/base because our only defining characteristic is sexual; at the same part we are paradoxically seen as an effete part of the ruling class—given over to

, 1973 editorial No 5 v/#PatrickMoore
*img c 1985 Sex Club

The interior space of the hammam enabled a performance of masculinity to be at once codified, acted upon and sensualized, yet it offered the constant and precarious potential for the subversion of the body's public use.

, 2008
*img 1865 the hammâm, Manual of the Turkish Bath

The city is a map of the hierarchy of desire, from the valorized to the stigmatized. . . Gay men comprise the only sexual minority that has established its own enclave in the modern city.

, 1991 The City of Desire: Its Anatomy and Destiny
*img 1970s Castro Street, SF

the homosexual subcultures of . . . in respect of the practices, the spatial geography of homosexuals and, to some degree, the awareness of self of those active in the 'gay world' of the period.

, 2009 Transnational Discourse on the 'Mala Vida': Male Homosexuality in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Barcelona in the Early xxth c.

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