, by exploring the vicissitudes of the representation of a crosscentury sodomitical encounter,

*img 1530s Italian Portrait of a Young Man, met

And if someone wants to give their love...

*img LET IT IN..., in 2019 Mechanical Fantasy Box: The Homoerotic Journal of

Abolishing property ownership over one’s own body and over the body of others is an operation inherent in the pervert’s imagination; he inhabits the bodies of others as if they were his own, and thus attributes his own to others.

, 1970 Living Currency
*img transaction gestures, in 1989 No 36

There are no other constitutional rights in substance without freedom to transact—

I liked fag better. Gay was a bit too clean, too Gringo. It wasn't hard enough. When queer came on the scene, I really started getting pissed. It took ten years to build an identity, and then I had to change everything.

, 1999 e.m@le editorial, No. 66

, com si n'hi hagués prou amb estirar els nostres cossos―

*img Sense Títol, a 1981 No 6 (editat per )

; i aquest espai fosc submediàtic instaura 'lo altre' de l'arxiu,

*img 1985 25/34 Photographes R.S.L. et Steve. Paris, a 1986 No 10-11

La ontología clásica se pregunta por lo que se esconde bajo las apariencias de la naturaleza; la ontología de los medios se pregunta qué se esconde tras los signos mediáticos,

, 2000 (2008) BS
*img 2019 Both Hands Full

Die Zeitschrift… sollte die materielle Basis schaffen für… Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Aufklärung, Erstellung einer wissenschaftlichen Dokumentation über unser Dasein und unser Sosein.

Zeitschrift / SOH

I only captured beauty. But opinions differ about what beautiful is.

*img Foto: Jim, Zürich, in 1970 No 11. The story of how a Zurich warehouse worker became a pioneer of homoerotic photography

, vull trunyellar l'aire d'aquest carnet de notes, de citacions d'arxiu, de petites constel·lacions de micrografies que he fet a l'atzar de les pèrdues: teixir col·leccions de no-resos.

, 2012 Ldt
*img 1931 Arbeider in Berlijn, Rijks

It is difficult to collapse the distances over which knowledge exercises its illusory mastery of otherness.

, 2015 TaT
*img 1985 conversation at CMC Carnival, SF

The leather subculture is organized around sexual activities and erotic semiotics that distinguish from the larger gay male population.

, 2000 SSaUS
*img 1975 aka , Join the Parade to the 10th Annual CMC Carnival, Seamen's Hall, SF

This is not just documentary; it’s erotic documentary.

, 1999 GSF
*img 1977-78 CMC Carnival at Seaman's Hall, SF.
Fritscher and chronicled for No 20 & 26 the last years of this 'wet, escalating group-sex-on-drugs' ritual

en fea bacanal!

*img 'mucho mas fuchi' (c 1970 Revista Alarma! México), en , 2014 Más "Mujercitos!"

Literature, like sex, is not always ‘safe’. The risk of transgressive literature—that it may expose the self to extreme boundary violation—is the source of its erotic power.

, 2010 TEoT
*img n.d. aka Bound and Gagged

The revelers sweep into the streets like tumblers into an arena.
Mardi Gras!

, 1963 City of Night
*img 'it's Mardi Gras in New Orleans' (Bourbon Pub Ad), in Mar 1974 No 1 v/#HenryMcClurg

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