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, the intention was not to just have it be my voice or my vision, my photographs, but to celebrate the lesbian culture

*img 1975 JEB (self-portrait). Dyke, Virginia, in 1979 Eye to Eye: Portraits of Lesbians (self-published, now re-released)

Images I had never seen before, images I had seen and not perceived. Images on which to build a future.

, Dike Show 1979-1985
JEB traveled USA & Canada with an ever-evolving legendary slide show on the construction of 'lesbian semiotics'

The humility of a leatherman is not bestowed but learned. It is acquired through an understanding of human limits:
. . . and any transgression must be a willing one.

, 1984 UA
*img Leatherspace, in 1996 No 198

The measured exercise of fantasy bespeaks limits. It is a constant testing of the lines that have been drawn between mind and reality by cultural indoctrination.

, 1984 UA
*img 1487-1490 Cristo alla colonna, Pinacoteca di Brera + n.d. aka Bound and gagged

we soak our bodies as operators of lust,
—or a sultry luster il[lust]ration:

*img 1939 Sultry Night—the print was banned by USPS for obscene, pornographic.

, on the view and observations of actual communications of related verbal behavior as a golden gateway for describing the idiomatic modes of individual thought.

I carry silence like a blood-filled egg, ready to drop it into someone’s hands.

, 1991 CttK
*img 1989 Image for the poster of the film Silence = Death, directed by

(the archetypes and the collective unconscious)

*img 1996 The Gathering (The Piers, NYC)

My history and consciousness will allways have the imprint of my life as a woman. This abiding difference is something to be treasured, not diminished. . . Intuition and will concretized in the flesh.

*img Max, in 1996 TW

¿Y si al morir no nos acuden alas?

, 1941 Enemigo Rumor
*img 2018 Esperperando por el enemigo, aún... (díptico, Cuba)

(bubble with words)

*img 1974 The Mythic Being, Cycle I: 6/6/70, censored from The Village Voice Series

; the photograph shouts a thin silence—the emancipation of man is the emancipation of labor.

*img gathering tribes at Mayday Conference Atlanta, in 1971 No 2

, where directional narratives affect transmission—codes of recognition.

, or to unbind the tyranny of our mirrors.

*img n.d. untitled (doble Brute with cigarette)

It demonstrates the far-reaching effect of antiquarian legacies, . . . the ways in which antiquarianism shaped the production of sexual knowledge within sexual science,

*img 1977 Wrench Fantasy, The Piers NYC

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