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Conventions tend to reproduce existing hierarchies. . . [Our] history is being rewritten in ways that obscure or minimize impulses of dissent.

, 2011 AaH
*img fist fuck agenda, in 1994 No 5

y dezia q de somético era su mal;
—o aparejos para el sodomético paciente.

*img 2017 Dos Penes, Cobre y Cuero (steel, copper, & leather)

cuiloni. chimouhqui. cucuxqui. puto que padece.
tecuilontiani. puto que lo haze a otro.
cuilonyotl. pecado nefando, de hombre con hombre.

, 1555 Vocabulario Nahuatl. Castellano
*img n.d. cuiloni. tecuilontiani. cuilonyotl, o la colonización del léxico. México prehispánico

, the peculiar sensitive sense of smell when the slightest odour is detected.

*img 1960s Portrait of a Man

Call me de las otras. Call me loquita, jotita, marimacha, pajuelona, lambiscona, culera—these are words I grew up hearing.

, 2009 To(o) Queer the Writer—Loca, escritora y chicana
*img a patlacheh, in 16thC Códice Florentino

Fight AIDS, KILL A QUERE [sic]

*img 1989 Untitled (Vittorio draw while living in the hospital for months hooked up to machines to keep breathing after his lungs had collapsed from AIDS-related pneumonia. Drawing became his outlet and his weapon for survival)

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i have also witnessed this community take care of its own, nurse the sick, bury its dead, mourn its losses, and continue to fight for each others' lives. We will not vanish.

Witnesses: Against Our Vanishing
1989 @artistsspace curator
*img 1989 America

I did this book in a fair way that’s not oriented toward nostalgia but toward people who want to make change right now.

, interv. on Let the Record Show
*img may 1990 Storm the NIH protest, MD (where Anthony Fauci was first targeted)

, the pores of our skin, the entire sentient surface of our body. We can no longer stand by idly while they use our nervous system as a relay in the system of capitalist, federal, patriarchal exploitation,

Skin is the sheath that secures the body's mysteries, where inner and outer, inside and outside collude. . . the site/sight of vulnerability and protection:

, 2008
*img 1946 Yakuza‘ in Bath House. Japan

*** pg 95 —, 2008

—or voiding in the skin of the crowd;

*img 1946 Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Festival), the annual festival at the Saidaiji temple in Okayama, Japan

, and the algorithm of the marlboro man . . . as homomasculine avatar.

*img 1984 The capacity crowd at the Eagle SF October Folsom, in No 79

. We are fighting a virus, not decadence, perversion, or promiscuity.

, 1996 Revisiting The City of Desire
*img , ticket for 2015 SNAX Club easter, pervy party in lab.oratory / berghain, Berlin

The city is a map of violences anticipated.

, 1975 Dhalgren
*img March 28, 1989 , demonstrators stop traffic at the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

the spermers awake
in a sleazy movable overpass urban furniture

*img 1977 Brooklyn Bridge Cable, NY

Under thy shadow by the piers I waited;
Only in darkness is thy shadow clear.

, 1930 To Brooklyn Bridge / The Bridge
*img c 1934 Jim Sullivan & Brooklyn Bridge

, express to you the joy, the comfort, the awe with which meeting such a great and sweet avatar filled me.

, 1923 letter to
*img the 'circle of Sex' , Gavin & Edward

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