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Contra la mirada, una llambregada proposa el desig, proposa el cos, . . . en la tenacitat de la seva activitat pràctica.

*img 1936 Francesc Nel·lo pintant el tren antifeixista del sindicat de dibuixants

or excretory activities or organs, including but not limited to obscene depictions

*img 'drunk with love,' in 1977 No 35, The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts

The word “corpus” itself purposefully connects the body—cuerpo—and the archive.

On chante dans la cour de l'Est
Le silence éveille les hommes.
Silence coupé d'ombre et c'est
De fiers enculés que nous sommes.

, 1948 La parade / Poèmes
*vid 2019 La parade (de Jean Genet) / 3​…​4…

The same, of course, is true for desire: as it is being recorded, archived, and documented, it is paradoxically (in the process of) being lost forever. We are left with an imperfect trace of what was once a unique, ephemeral instantiation of desire. Yet textual and affective traces remain;

, 2018 SaN
*img Erotic Dots by aka , in 1977 No 17

Thus, the archive should be seen as a contact zone between past and present but also between temporally diverse and interconnected processes of documenting (bodies) and consuming (information). The archive itself reflects how historical contact zones necessarily involve sex—a central component of the “ongoing relations” between the colonizer and the colonized, mediated by race, class, and gender.

, 2018 Sins against Nature

Contrary to myth, what one relishes in loving strangers is not mere anonymity, nor meaningless release. It is the pleasure of belonging to a sexual world, in which one's sexuality finds an answering resonance not just in one other, but in a world of others.

, 1999 Zoning Out Sex / TTwN

Autonomy requires more than civil liberty; it requires the circulation and accessibility of sexual knowledge, along with the public elaboration of a social world that can make less alienated relations possible.

, 1999 Zoning Out Sex / TTwN
*img Le Saloon Polk Street SF, in 1978 No 20

ç: acervos, trazas de injuria, sótano y contraseña, goce erótico—engrudo de disidencias, punk marica, autonomia y rábica acción directa—máquinas utópicas de transformación del presente.

Archivo de Culturas Subterráneas

The success or failure of militant anti-fascism often depends on whether it can mobilize broader society to confront fascists,

La carn es la realitat pre-verbal...

, 1989
*img 1978 Sense títol, dins de 1993 Somniar Déus

La intersexualidad del instinto—homosexualidad—es una rama torcida en el progreso de la vida sexual.

, 1929 El ángel de Sodoma, pròleg 2a ed
El Doctor pot ser considerat el precursor a Espanya de l'homofòbia liberal

¡Qué bien te siento bajar!
¡Qué despacio vas entrando,
caliente, viva, en mi cuerpo,
desde ti misma manando
igual que una fuente, ardiendo!

, 1927-1928 Tránsitos / Cuerpo perseguido
*img I had a man to feed, in 1982 No 57

Gilgamesh and Enkidu took hold of each other, backs bent like a bull,

—Epic of , c 2100 BCE
*img 1971 illustr. of Arabic translation of Gilgamesh, Baghdad

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