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—no repetim la pitjor història.

*img 1919-1933 Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, In den Zelten 10 corner with Beethoven Straße 3, near the Tiergarten. From the peaceful building to the bonfire on the Opernplatz v/—, 2005 MH

, the ways in which bodies and their attendant desires come to be archived . . . how the archive—as both a place and a concept—shapes our own connections to the past.

, 2018 SaN
*img aka , Untitled, in 1985 v8 No 6

As such the deviant was the point of entry into civilization for the unnatural, the aberrant, and the abhorrent, the wilderness of disorder which beleaguered all civilization;

, 1991 SD
*img 1796-1797 De lo mas alto de su buelo son arrojadas las soberbias Brujas. Prado

Allí donde crece el peligro, crece también lo que nos salva.

, 1987
*img 1992 Pepe Espaliú, Carrying (The Carrying Society), Donostia . . . El sida me ha forzado de forma radical a un estar ahí.

The state and the material force of economic life remain central institutions of repression, enmeshed as they are in normalizing discourses and bodies of knowledge.

, 1998 AH
*img aka Coming Out, in 1986 v9 No2

Pansy Division & Queercore
8 Hours of Music & Interviews!
by in 2009 —with and () & J.D.'s homocore hit parade
—have fun!

*img Posters, collected by JD

Like Science Friction—control addiction,

*img cover for 1990 All-time Queen Of The World
*vid 1990 Like This

Ya sea el VIH, ya sea la homofobia fascista, todo contra lo que luchamos coincide en hacernos desaparecer del espacio público, del mundo vivo, del subconsciente colectivo que se obsesiona por lo prohibido. Aquí estamos otra vez. Seguimos vivos y coleando. Seguimos dando por el culo.

—La , 1995 No 4
*img 1990 No 666

Cum instead of blood. Satisfied bodies instead of dead ones. Death versus orgasm. Would they bust everyone? With cum-smeared tanks would they crush all?

, 1977 The Sexual Outlaw
*img 1984 untitled, greasy fella ready for tank service

; tots els discursos de la comèdia heterosexual queden qüestionats per un desig múltiple, incontrolable, agitat (‘pervers polimorf’

, 2021 A prendre pel cul la masculinitat / … de masculinitats estretes, penetrables, impenetrables i +

, hi ha biblioteques de sants, heretgies i concilis. I l'infern és l'únic que no ha canviat mai.

, 1934 (2018) Hol'Ac
*img The Fifteen Clubhouse SF, in 1981 No 45

; i és des de baix, des de la púrria, que l'anarquia, com també els putos i els poetes que saben estimar-los, tenen la possibilitat de fer veritables poemes.
, i les passtisseries són vora les letrines.

. I very often think of people's bodies that l've known, I think of the contours of those bodies that have particularly affected me, but then they're grafted very often onto Muybridge's bodies.

, 1974 Interview with
*img 1973 Self-Portrait

Quan aprens massa d’hora
que d’herois res de res
el puny del món et pren
i giravoltes cocodril
esqueixant carn fresca.

La carn però ja no té el gust
amable de la confiança.
I creixes a velocitat prudent.

Com el càlcul de distàncies
quan travesses en vermell.

, 2017 Pastor d’antenes
*imgs 2021 llavors de carn fresca, a remix per

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