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Christian Hergert @hergertme

Okay, better version, with reverb and some better dynamics.

Today I started learning one of my favorite John Mayer songs, because it really reflects some of the difficult moments in my life.

Anyway, just a sample of the intro because I don't feel like doing real recording. Clean channel, no effects, just the bridge pickup on the PRS, dialed in for tone.

Recorded with "Cheese" in GNOME, hah!

@sri I'd love to play big band too, but it requires so many people.

@HyuchiaDiego @barthalion Builder does 'make install' or equivalent before running. So generally you want to make sure it installs to /app/bin (the default for bin_PROGRAMS when targeting flatpak). Then just execute as normal. (GSubprocessLauncher or whatever)

My brother (amazing singer and bass player) and I grew up loving rockabilly like Brian Setzer. So today we started playing Rock this Town. Sounds good, but lacks a full band. If only I wasn't terrible at recording tracks.

But of course, everything sounds good on this PRS.

@tetron My current viewpoint is that most of those operations are a side-effect of a lack of design in the IDE and what should be visible when.

For Builder, we'd like to only show things that are relevant when you need them.

Easier said than done, of course.

@ryanleesipes @sergiusens @sil I've actually not done any shell extension hacking.

@tetron interesting. vs is my case study in bad UX.

@enkiv2 There are lots of training vids/books/tutorials out there, so some things are harder to change from a training perspective.

@enkiv2 I don't hack on GIMP itself, but with the 3.x transition coming up, it's probably a good time to consider design changes. (In case you're interested in working on that type of stuff).

@theresatagonmyshirt It happens. I regularly get email in German, heh.

@danrabbit This has been my observation as well. One of the things we want to do in Builder is only show relevant information.

But in some cases, it's hard for me to figure that out ahead of time. And in some short term I need to allow for some experimentation to really grok the right workflow.

@NFG Ugh, yeah shortcuts are a PITA. I have some code to allow us to do fancy things with shortcuts, but that wont ever land in 3.x, and might not be necessary for 4.x.

@eylul Yes it's helpful. As for HiDPI, GIMP is moving to Gtk 3.x as soon as 2.10 is out, so those problems will magically disappear. Sadly, GIMP has not kept up with toolkit that originated from it. But that should change soon!

Question time!

Artists who use Free Software (GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, Blender, etc), I have a question for you.

I'm writing a new dock/panel engine for Gtk (which is the UI toolkit that GIMP and Inkscape use).

Tell me the things you like, love, and hate about panels/docks in any of the artistic applications you use. Things you like about various commercial apps is also useful info to me.

@Spider we should use ephemeral keys, signed by the TPM and clients should only verify that.

On that bird site, I mostly just post developer screenshots from the applications I hack on for GNOME.

What do people want to see from me here?

Other interests of mine include:

- Guitar (I've played for 20 years, mostly 80's Van Halen, etc)
- Cars (not really into them anymore, but I spent a long time building big horsepower vw/audi monsters)
- Coffee (Currently learning to roast, but I make damn fine espresso)
- Overcoming depression by questioning my thoughts

@BryanLunduke @sri @cygnetsilks oh cool, had no idea that was going on. looks fun!