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Christian Hergert

Just landed some code to allow you to drag files onto Builder and place them within the editor grid. Similar to how I did view dragging a couple years back.

Probably the most important thing I've written about GNOME in the past few years. It's long, but take the time to read it all.

I added some plumbing to Dazzle which makes implementing DnD and file-browsers easier using Gtk. Builder now has DnD support in it's project tree, even supporting external programs. (Still a few quirks to work out, but will be in our next Nightly).

I finally got around to implementing a recursive directory monitor for Builder so that we can track project changes (using a single inotify FD). Project sidebar updates in reaction to changes.

Round-up of all the development these past 2 months for Builder as we progress towards 3.28.

You get nice status messages in Builder's omnibar now from backend tooling like flatpak-builder.

Had to implement proper PTY support to get this working with my upstream patches to flatpak-builder.

Changed how we extract build targets in Builder. If your project uses Flatpak, things should mostly just work (even if using, say, CMake). Here is Elementary's Code (scratch) running as a Flatpak built by Builder, using Builder's debugger, (which even works with Vala-based sources).

I added a basic Vala code indexer to Builder this evening so you can now search/jump to functions with fuzzy search across your project, just like you can with C/C++ and GJS.

Tomorrow's Nightly builds of Builder will make it just a single click to start contributing to a GNOME app.

Curious if people think integrating user docs w/ API docs like this is worthwhile.

The major difficulty in including API docs w/ deps is that it massively grows the file-size. So I'll have to come up with something clever to make them non-giant in downloads.

(Roughly 22mb compressed, 300mb on disk).

Slowly improving Builder's API doc situation! Long term goal is for cross-referencing between C, Python, and Vala, with "jump to source" and code-usage examples from real code.

Putting together a new tool to allow embedding GNOME documentation into Builder's docs so that API docs can cross-reference.

I can't stand giving gtk-doc to end users, so I've been using Sphinx.

Over the last day or two I've joined my templating library (an AST, interpreter, and can call into Gobject Introspection) and my C parser-generator for rng files to get a .gir parser.

Now I can generate docs from .gir files for C.

Example template:

@federicomena are there any GNOME/desktop opening's at suse? Have someone in mind that would be great.

If you want developers of software you use (or hate for whatever reason), try not being abusive and maybe they'll listen to your criticism instead of leaving the forum.

Deleted my reddit account, feels better already! I'm sick of that toxic shithole.

Think I'll do some more live hacking tomorrow on twitch. Sort of annoying because it still requires running X.

It will be in upcoming nightly builds, but does require Wayland for proper multi-blob detection and gesture recognition.

I'm not much of a fan of gestures unless you get the "content sticks to fingers" part right.

As such, I implemented it like that in Builder last night. Three-finger-swipe to move documents left/right.