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Christian Hergert

@federicomena are there any GNOME/desktop opening's at suse? Have someone in mind that would be great.

If you want developers of software you use (or hate for whatever reason), try not being abusive and maybe they'll listen to your criticism instead of leaving the forum.

Deleted my reddit account, feels better already! I'm sick of that toxic shithole.

Think I'll do some more live hacking tomorrow on twitch. Sort of annoying because it still requires running X.

It will be in upcoming nightly builds, but does require Wayland for proper multi-blob detection and gesture recognition.

I'm not much of a fan of gestures unless you get the "content sticks to fingers" part right.

As such, I implemented it like that in Builder last night. Three-finger-swipe to move documents left/right.

A post on some of my thoughts for a modern editor design given what we can do in Gtk4 and a new data-structure I designed.

Still write desktop Linux applications in C/gtk+ like me? You might find this helper in libdazzle useful.

If you want to help me tackle some of the larger aspects of Builder, here is a good list to start with.

Please excuse my use of the ancient MrProject/Planner.

Having a great time at @SeaGL ! :) Come stop by our @gnome booth!

Headed up to Seattle for SeaGL tomorrow night.

I'm relatively impressed that RHEL/CentOS ship a GNOME release that is 1 year old. Hopefully RHEL 7.5 ends up shipping the new 3.26 release too.

I can finally run a well supported enterprise distro on my old machines, but still keep up with GNOME project nightly builds for apps.

I managed to get good stack traces captured into Sysprof for every allocation. But it was about 50mb a second of stack data. Probably fine if a second process builds the callgraph tree to compress, but a bit annoying to do in the inferior process.


"Starting from Rust 1.9, Rust uses a C++-style name-mangling scheme"

So 1.9+ should Just Work™

Just cut Builder start-up time in ½ by using the other application I maintain, Sysprof. Quick and handy, total time invested was 10 minutes. Measure, measure, measure.

Landed a new gutter for Builder (the gutter is where line numbers, icons, etc live). We wanted something more dense than what we could get with out-of-the-box GtkSourceView components.

I think it looks pretty good now.

It's also faster at rendering.

I wrote a (possibly new?) data-structure the past couple of days that combines an wide-fanout N-ary tree w/ Linked Leaves (a'la B+Tree) with a PieceTable.

So far it seems within performance range of those I've seen with RBTree implementations but with much fewer allocations.

Builder 3.26 is out! For reals, why aren't you running it yet?