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Christian Hergert @hergertme

I'll also add, that neither of them are true up on further inspection.

Most people tend to oscillate between self aggrandizing and self deprecating. I'm great because I did this, or I'm terrible because I did this wrong. Neither viewpoint is a healthy way to get through the day.

Someday the Browser-based JavaScript world will learn about shared libraries and sonames and pre-compiling to save memory and share pages of RAM.

@bluehat nope, just laying the groundwork for how to do the security model right. every one gets it terribly wrong.

@ikey this is why i wrote my snippet engine. i haven't c&p'd a gobject for about 7 years. its all based on my file naming semantics. gobTAB, done.

@ikey habits and templates. occasionally I have to backport things too.

@seasharp It looks like that device is firewire though, but hopefully it is still just plain-old-alsa cards.

@seasharp Very likely. I need to finish the alsa control wrapper and then the views for them. After that, it will mostly be doable from some amixer dumps.

Started writing a mixer app for the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 today. Basic plumbing is in place, now to control binding and hook up the UI.

It should be possible to hook up other Focusrite products, but I only have the 18i8 to play with now.


It doesn't actually do anything yet, but I'm sketching the multi-process satefy design here:

I don't know when/how much time I can give to this though, I got a ton to do for Builder this cycle.

@federicomena @luke_nukem

It sounds pretty dystopian from a "find the bugs" sort of angle. Relegating each bug-hunt to some unicorn slightly different from everyone else.

@luke_nukem @federicomena right, solving version skew by including all permutations


every one of these systems assumes they are the only vendoring system that exists and that people only write software within their world and in one language.

cascading dependencies is certainly an issue too. "lock'ing" seems like a workaround to me.

@federicomena interestingly, crate/pip/gems are the thing I loathe most about these language ecosystems

fastest fedora install ever. <2 minutes, and getting 15mb/sec from update servers. yay for new hardware and fast pipes.

Playing guitar for me is like code. My subconscious improves things while I sleep. New recording after waking up this morning.

Fractional Scaling hackfest for GNOME-Shell/Mutter. GNOMErs have picked off the heavy lifting one-by-one.

Reminder that Mutter also powers various other compositors you might use.

@federicomena @wjt @jjardon unlikely to have monitor API exposed via flatpak dbus proxy