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Christian Hergert @hergertme

@federicomena msvc is still holding us back considerably. Builder's clang/gcc only codebase is much cleaner and lower bug count due to those features not available in msvc, at cost of portability.

@sir @theoutrider You seem to have a belief that we don't try to do that in those projects, so I'm just going to back away slowly while you unleash your anger elsewhere.

@sir @theoutrider My ability to do basic quadratic calculations does make me more inclined to work on projects which understand the relationship between moving parts and failures.

@sir @theoutrider I'm glad that almost everyone I've ever worked with in 20 years of hacking on Linux disagrees with you.

Few 2$ purchases have brought me more pleasure than using this seam ripper to remove advertising and random tags from clothing.

I live a mostly solitary life by choice. So events like GUADEC are both super exiting and super anxiety inducing.

Medium-length post on Builder updates, including our brand new input engine and keyboard event controllers.


Nope. There are plenty of options for that platform. We focus on Linux and the GNOME desktop more specifically.

I've heard of people running on Mac, but not sure if that still works.

It *might* be possible with the Linux-subsystem for Windows. But again, I haven't tried.

Massive release of Builder today. 3.25.4 has tens of thousands of new lines of code implementing new layout engines, optimized data stores, a new shortcut engine, and so much more.

There will absolutely be bugs. But we will spend the next week up to GUADEC bug-squashing. We're still pre-Alpha, so... you know, plan accordingly.

libdazzle, the library I built that is behind many of Builder's fancy UI features, has a 3.25.4 release out.

Roughly 150 commits since 3.25.3 three weeks ago.

Leave for Manchester in a week. Already have my "airplane code project" planned. Well unless I fall asleep...

Product idea:
1. You give me keys to your snail mail post box
2. Every morning I go through all the ads and replace them with a single flyer that's tailored to only things of your interest.
3. While doing that I'm going to read your personal mail, to get better at preparing a flyer for you.

What do you think?

Outrageous? Still using gmail?

@bugaevc @federicomena I think that you can register multiple encoders/decoders and then it will add all the target types based on that in the helper functions

@federicomena @bugaevc

Well GtkTextView supports it to some degree w/ GTK_TEXT_BUFFER_TARGET_INFO_RICH_TEXT. But we'd need to find a commonality on format DnD/Clipboard with LibreOffice/etc.

Quick rundown of my current effects setup. Sorry I haven't warmed up yet today, so I'm a bit messy :)

Also, I didn't feel like normalizing audio or setting up proper mics. Bummer.

@hisham_hm i don't use amp modeling unless im recording. i actually run the line6 gear in the effects loop post-preamp.

guitar->distortions->pre-amp->effects loop (phase/flang/reverb/delay/etc)->amp->speaker

@hisham_hm for the past 15 years ive mostly run digital (line6 pod pro was my first real kit) but yeah, these are much more fun to twist knobs