Since I like history, I care about the @gnome project, and I love making people cringe with my voice, I started a podcast about the History of GNOME:

Sometimes I really enjoy using the stable version of Builder because it has all my tracing compiled out, assertions removed, tcmalloc allocator, and no ASAN.

But the remarkable thing, is my local builds are still quite usable even in the presence of all my active debugging techniques.

Started landing various Glade tweaks for our usage in Builder. Looking forward to getting code/designer integration working soon.

Little teaser of yesterdays work. More to come.

In SF for the day, doing some prototyping on new Builder features.

Very simple memory info visualizer on it's way in Sysprof.

We can probably just put the necessary hooks into sysprofd and some fancy FD passing like we do for perf stacktraces.

Starting to think we should start using bpftrace for data probes in Sysprof/Builder. Elevated system access is still problematic though.

Builder now has additional releases for i386, arm, and aarch64 on Flathub, in case you're lucky enough to be using one of those architectures.

Flatpak + GNOME Builder have seriously spoiled me as a development tools. If a repo has a flatpak manifest I can just clone it in GNOME Builder and the dependencies are automatically fetched and the app is built with a push of a button, without having to install development libraries manually on my machine.

systemctl hibernate worked, well that's great to know.

One nice thing about using gvariant for our session state in Builder is that it was quick and easy to add support for saving the current search query today (similar to how vim does).

I might have gone overboard with the geek art at my house. At least guests will know what way the roll goes.

Free software users are the best people.

" - @hergertme as usual, the only people who don't think the gnome people have gone insane are of course the gnome people

literally nobody wants y'all in FOSS; your continually psychotic decision-making has made it a worse place for basically everyone"

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Tech companies don't want to pay senior, knowledgeable engineers what they're worth so they claim they're over-qualified.

Which results in more of our tech being designed and implemented by people who are under-qualified without proper mentor-ship and industry-specific history lessons.

The entire industry has it's eyes closed as to the real cost of software. Right now, the consumers are paying for that cost through intangible side-effects which become tangible once democracy fails, cars crash…

Now that I have auto-updates enabled for Flatpak on Fedora 29, my Nightly Builder updates while I'm hacking on new features.

Today, I had it update within an hour of pushing to master.

Incredible future!

My girlfriend is allergic to wheat, buckwheat, rye, and a few others (but not gluten). The Bob's Red Mill GF flours have been amazing. We can still make crepes, pancakes, waffles, and I don't even notice.

Grab Epiphany Technology Preview from to test out their recent changes using my Gtk-based libdazzle!

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