Is there anyone out there by chance using full disk encryption with xfs? Kind of want to do my laptop with xfs this time. If so, any instructions? Gotchas?

@sergiusens oh, better performance with some larger files. Let's just call it an experiment. Tbh, I am starting to think it's not worth the time. But was curious.

@Bashfulrobot well a laptop is a general purpose system. If your use case is not specific then I think it is best to stick to the default file system chosen for you as it is likely to even be tested more.


@sergiusens @Bashfulrobot nonsense, xfs-tests are the bar for fs correctness testing on Linux. I use xfs on fde for years.

@sergiusens @Bashfulrobot on some distributions sure. But you miss the point. The test suite most of the well supported filesystems use is literally xfs' test suite

@hergertme @Bashfulrobot so, others use xfs' test suite, probably means they have at least the same level of testing.

In any case I do not wish to cary on with this conversation, "I miss the point" and mention nonsense, I believe that if you worked on your public discourse a bit more you would reach a lot more people.

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