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Christian Hergert @hergertme

Looking forward to firing up a build server this weekend to add to the build brigade.

It's amazing to see how a community is organizing behind Flatpak. We've done a lot of work on it from a bunch of different angles. Contributors from every major distro, desktop, toolkit, etc.

Fantastic, and growing, Safety story, best incremental update I've seen of any platform, and build tooling that makes it easy to build new apps.

And the technology behind it... It's unbelievably well done.

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@hergertme It's ace! I'm seeing a few OSS games now appearing as flatpak too. Though I wish it could use existing system settings (can it? I haven't exactly tried very hard there).

@luke_nukem not sure what you mean, but dconf/gsettings works (if the app author gives it access).

@hergertme Oh I mean local files for settings etc, as in ~/.config and ~/.local/share

@luke_nukem We might do that in Builder. The trick to do it is to 1) not sandbox the home dir (which we don't for Builder) and 2) unset the various $XDG_* environment variables at early startup.

@hergertme ah I see. Sounds like a little more of a headache than it should be.

@luke_nukem it shouldn't even allow it as far as im concerned. the whole point is to sandbox things. if you don't segment them, then two versions of the app could stomp and corrupt each others data.

@hergertme oops, I meant for global settings, such as fonts/themes/etc. Sorry, should have been more clear (tired and sick)

@hergertme I must be missing something important... /files away a TODO to check it out.

@luke_nukem I think fonts are built-in extension points. Themes get installed like "runtimes" and are auto-loaded extension points.

See to add their repo. Themes are auto-built. Then something like:

flatpak install flathub org.gtk.Gtk3Theme.Arc.