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Christian Hergert @hergertme

Probably the most important thing I've written about GNOME in the past few years. It's long, but take the time to read it all.

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@hergertme What I'm wondering is how to integrate non-coder people into the workflow. With so much driven by the individual developer, how does a non-programmer step in and do stuff that probably ought to happen before code is even written? (I'm thinking in terms of doc-driven, design-first, that sort of thing.)

I kinda feel like each project needs a community manager of its own, not to delegate work but to guide those who want to contribute.


First off, if I had the answer, I'd be doing this already.

I think what you describe as "community manager" I consider the responsibility of the product manager.

@hergertme Maybe we need more product managers? (I cringe whenever I use the word "manager" but in open source I find the position doesn't carry the same stigma as out in the corporate world).

I know when I was just getting started in open source, I made several earnest efforts to get involved with a project but what I had to offer just sorta fell flat.

Maybe that's natural, part of the process.

Anyway, great blog post. Got me thinking.

@klaatu i think adding a product manager to each of out apps and platform pieces would be one of the best things we could do to get started.