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Christian Hergert @hergertme

Disney is looking for an intern to work on Flatpak related technology this summer.

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@hergertme I'm sure it's for internal use, but that's really interesting.

Wild speculation:

Disney (and its groups like Pixar) use Linux for making movies and would love to be able to use specific versions of software regardless of desktop.

Currently, movie projects are tied to specific OS & app versions.

Rather than having different supported OSes & desktop versions, they can (in the future) just have project-specific app versions and keep the OS and desktop updated separately.

@hergertme According to documentaries I've seen, Pixar (& probably most of Disney) has specific OS images for working on movies.

If they want to do a remastered version of Toy Story, for example — one that adds 3D, etc. — they basically need to re-image computers with the old OS & all the tools and start from there.

There's a big overhead to supporting old stuff.

Flatpak would let them do something like install "RenderMan ToyStory 1" alongside "RenderMan Cars 8" and swap between projects.

@hergertme Still based on what I've read...

People don't swap between projects at Pixar that quickly, but sometimes it's needed.

The largest selling point would still be keeping the apps separate from the OS — the rest is probably just icing on the cake.

Disney could also probably use sandboxing to allow apps to only access a specific project's data as well. *shrug*

(It might also be useful so Pixar doesn't accidentally delete a movie again. )

@hergertme It's probably worth stating that everything I know about Disney & Pixar at this point is all 100% public knowledge. 🐭🦈

@garrett Your analysis sounds fairly pragmatic to me.

@hergertme @garrett Former Weta Digital employee. I've never worked at Disney but the industry is pretty tight-knit.

In my experience, shots and scenes become part of the filesystem, with paths to important libs and apps essentially becoming part of the "dependencies" of a shot.

You can see the industry's current attempt to standardise across studio and software house lines here:

Flatpak and/or AppImages would be huge, because houses could get a "snapshot" of a show.