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Christian Hergert @hergertme

Added a Gtk/C♯ application template this evening. That makes 3 languages that start with C.

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@YaLTeR As soon as Cargo/Rust support lands in upstream meson I'll add a template for it.

The scripts to do that stuff now are kinda non-ideal, and I don't want to do that.

I hear it will be ~1 month.

@hergertme nice, MonoDevelop finally has some competition! C# is a good environment, to work on, even in Unix

my biggest wish for Builder is Glade or some kind of designer, so I can quickly get hacking on prototypes instead of having to write UIs in code.

@hergertme Is C# still used for (new) GNOME apps? Aren't the GTK+ bindings only for GTK 2?

@Bat this is gtk3. It's not commonly used, for whatever reason. Too bad given that mono is the most advanced technology to have ever come out of gnome.

@hergertme Oh, I didn't knew that! (this page should be updated btw Are the bindings generated at runtime with some reflection or before?

@Bat that would require using the "dynamic" feature of .NET, and it does not use that. You'd loose lots of the benefits of static type systems by doing that.