I think one of the reasons I stay so tightly knit inside the GNOME community is that virtually every other Linux'ish based community I've crossed into makes me want to leave computing behind altogether.

GNOME has created a bubble where I feel valued and that my time and effort makes a difference in peoples lives. It may not be a huge community, but it's consistently been the best choice for me.

@hergertme they're p. fuckin salty about everything, elsewhere

I don't really use gnome, (I end up grabbing i3 instead if I do use unix) but I respect what they do

@hergertme Thanks for making my life better with GNOME. Happily using right now.

@hergertme Great. Now I want to participate even more. Where do I get the time for this!?

@mray Many of us do most of our communication via IRC still. Being around there can be a motivating force.

It's worth noting you can connect to the very same chatrooms on IRC via Matrix too, if a web chat client works better for your needs.

(I'm personally (mostly idling) on IRC already on other servers, so it's not a big deal for me. But it is for some people.)

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