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Christian Hergert

Flathub has updated builds for Builder 3.28 on the stable channel now. I experimented with more optimized builds this cycle. It feels quite reactive!

Our nightly channel is both a debug build and very assertion heavy. I'm that style of C programmer. Assert all the things.

So going to a release build can make quite a difference.

Added support for building/running alternate architectures using Qemu/binfmt today.

Builder's code stats for January:

416 files changed, 28802 insertions(+), 18037 deletions(-)

Lots of translations in there too, but still a damn lot. We rewrote a handful of subsystems to improve our correctness in a variety of scenarios.

Our most stable first Alpha of any cycle I'm sure of it.

Also, the lede in the photo is that I'm working on a device daemon to allow Builder to transparently work with external devices.

Some improvements to our ctags back-end this morning. Python should work a bit better now.

Added a Gtk/C♯ application template this evening. That makes 3 languages that start with C.

I added a C++ GNOME Application template to Builder using Flatpak and Meson.

I abstracted project dependency updating in Builder today so we can support more than just flatpak. Cargo.toml also now supported, feel free to send me patches for your $framework of choice. Also, send me a better icon and design if you're inclined.

You get nice status messages in Builder's omnibar now from backend tooling like flatpak-builder.

Had to implement proper PTY support to get this working with my upstream patches to flatpak-builder.

Changed how we extract build targets in Builder. If your project uses Flatpak, things should mostly just work (even if using, say, CMake). Here is Elementary's Code (scratch) running as a Flatpak built by Builder, using Builder's debugger, (which even works with Vala-based sources).

I added a basic Vala code indexer to Builder this evening so you can now search/jump to functions with fuzzy search across your project, just like you can with C/C++ and GJS.

Slowly improving Builder's API doc situation! Long term goal is for cross-referencing between C, Python, and Vala, with "jump to source" and code-usage examples from real code.

I can finally run a well supported enterprise distro on my old machines, but still keep up with GNOME project nightly builds for apps.

Landed a new gutter for Builder (the gutter is where line numbers, icons, etc live). We wanted something more dense than what we could get with out-of-the-box GtkSourceView components.

I think it looks pretty good now.

It's also faster at rendering.