Started landing various Glade tweaks for our usage in Builder. Looking forward to getting code/designer integration working soon.

Little teaser of yesterdays work. More to come.

Very simple memory info visualizer on it's way in Sysprof.

I might have gone overboard with the geek art at my house. At least guests will know what way the roll goes.

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Grab Epiphany Technology Preview from to test out their recent changes using my Gtk-based libdazzle!

Builder Nightly (via Flatpak) has the just released Builder 3.30.0 release waiting for you to play with! Flathub release comes as soon as GNOME 3.30 SDK is finalized.

Working on a new tooltip API for plugins leading up to GUADEC.

Started playing around this evening with a companion guide to Builder. Not a bad way to write a book, should I choose to keep working on that.

Ported our Python Jedi plugin over to the new completion engine. Getting close to having this merged.

Started revamping the Vala completion provider last night. The new completion engine I've created for Builder should allow us to do some more interesting things going forward.

Just a few more completion providers to port until I can land things.

Longer term, having the API in Builder's LibIDE will allow us to iterate on things like parameter completion and documentation too.

Making some progress today on the new completion engine for Builder.

Clang is run in a subprocess. Single memory transfer of the giant result set encoded as GVariant between processes over a pipe[2].

The result is a GListModel for lazy inflation of the result set as objects.

Only the visible ranges are inflated for display rows. Much more efficient than what we were doing giving available plumbing previously.

Almost fast enough to enable by default.

Thanks to @albfanjul@birdsite, Builder just gained basic support for the gradle build system! Can bootstrap/build/run given a properly configured build.gradle

One reason I started Builder was because of how painful it was to work on VMware's Gtk-based products back in the day. So having gnome-boxes build in Builder to run a VM with a self-contained SDK powered by Flatpak is a huge success on that front.

Starting to merge different data sources together into a single capture stream.

Thanks to Matthias Clasen and I teaming up this evening, we have an FPS counter from Gtk injected into the Sysprof data stream.

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