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Decided to move the debugger stuffs into the editor perspective. I couldn't justify the code-duplication to keep perspectives nice and tidy.

Posting a screenshot of Epiphany being debugged by Builder, from that instance of Epiphany.

Massive release of Builder today. 3.25.4 has tens of thousands of new lines of code implementing new layout engines, optimized data stores, a new shortcut engine, and so much more.

There will absolutely be bugs. But we will spend the next week up to GUADEC bug-squashing. We're still pre-Alpha, so... you know, plan accordingly.

Yesterday I expanded my analog pedal collection to include these timeless classics.

Matching the color of the frame header background to that of the document does indeed make it less visually distracting to me.

Small wins.

I just added "scope tracking" to the branch is working on 3.26 features for GNOME Builder.

Fairly commonly requested feature, just one I hadn't had time to get to until now.

Notice the scope name in the top-right of the editor frame.

I can't imagine supporting CentOS/RHEL/LTS releases before Flatpak. Now it's just a piece of cake.

More GtkTreeView hackering today. After lots of hidden tweaks and knobs it no longer looks like one.

Much better style.

I monkey patched some Devhelp stuff today for docs in what will be come Builder 3.26. So much treeview hacking this week!

We use the DhLink type to add an icon matching our built-in programming feature icons in Builder.

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