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Christian Hergert

@le_ArthurDent I especially like formats that I can write one sentence per line for diff'ability.

Started playing around this evening with a companion guide to Builder. Not a bad way to write a book, should I choose to keep working on that.

It's hard to have a side project with something like Builder as a primary. Every 30 seconds I find something else I need to fix in Builder.

Although, that has resulted in lots of performance fixes the past couple of days.

@n8 yeah I had to really focus on flights this year, but it was within fair margins of my normal guadec flight costs. A couple weeks ago oil prices (and flights) skyrocketed because of the fuckstick cheeto's Iran deal bullshit

A real reason for GNOME/Gtk C programmers to use Builder. Added a helper to reformat blocks of declarations in our most beautiful style. Handles pre/post attributes reasonably well too.

@federicomena I think making something here would inspire a lot of confidence by people who are concerned about multiple definitions of structs/layout/padding/etc.

@federicomena Do you use libabigail, pahole, or anything else to verify?

Builder Nightly users should have an exciting update now :)

Builder's Flatpak Nightly has synced, for anyone wanting to beta test the new completion engine.

@clee Bits of python here and there. Mostly C because I've wasted too much of my life with either slow compilers or broken language bindings.

The contributors to the Rust bindings are top-notch, so I expect good things.

@RAOF It was broken into about 30 commits, but yeah. Lots of code churn.

diffstat: 177 files changed, 13793 insertions(+), 8448 deletions(-)

Tomorrow is patch bomb Friday, where I land the new completion engine for our Nightly users.

Ported our Python Jedi plugin over to the new completion engine. Getting close to having this merged.

Hopefully I'll be merging the new completion engine in the next few days.

I could really use someone more familiar with the libvala DataType APIs to help implement better visitors for completion suggestions as well as doing some "eval" based on the current line of text as libvala does not seem to handle "broken code" very well (which is essential to writing excellent as-you-type completion's since it's by necessity broken).