@aperezdc its because libunwind amd friends are slow, there are commercial replacements that are faster.

@brainblasted in other words, everyone is trusted to stay on task and know what tasks are important.

@brainblasted Red Hat has never once told me what to implement or work on in GNOME. It's remarkable.

Since I like history, I care about the @gnome project, and I love making people cringe with my voice, I started a podcast about the History of GNOME: bassi.io/category/history/podc

@mathieu My understanding (haven't met him personally), is that he is very Mormon. So much that other other Mormons talk about how important it is that he is Mormon. Which is why I knew about his Mormonness having grown up in a Mormon family.

@mathieu Well, I think a lot of the uses of SQLite could be replaced by LMDB+GVariant serialization. But I never got around to finishing that for libgom.

However, it's not like Howard (LMDB author) is known for being particularly nice either. At least he isn't religious afaik.

Sometimes I really enjoy using the stable version of Builder because it has all my tracing compiled out, assertions removed, tcmalloc allocator, and no ASAN.

But the remarkable thing, is my local builds are still quite usable even in the presence of all my active debugging techniques.

@aledomu @sri Nope, Last year I sent out a private email to people who I knew had insight that was important for me to take into account while I think about it. No plans yet, other than Juan and I want to team up to do it.

Started landing various Glade tweaks for our usage in Builder. Looking forward to getting code/designer integration working soon.

@aledomu Gtk 3 has a limited lifetime. We aren't going to waste a lot of time on it. So just getting glade working soon means we have *something* working. We'll have to do something new for when we move to Gtk 4.

@KekunPlazas Certainly the goal, haven't written any code to do that yet. Still finishing up basic embedding semantics. Not using all of gladeui's widgetry so we can get an improved experience.

@tbernard It's just my test playground app I use to put Builder through it's paces.

@KekunPlazas The goal is to auto-discover and wire up catalogs, templates, etc.

Little teaser of yesterdays work. More to come.

@sergiusens @Bashfulrobot on some distributions sure. But you miss the point. The test suite most of the well supported filesystems use is literally xfs' test suite

@sergiusens @Bashfulrobot nonsense, xfs-tests are the bar for fs correctness testing on Linux. I use xfs on fde for years.

In SF for the day, doing some prototyping on new Builder features.

Very simple memory info visualizer on it's way in Sysprof.

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