Now that I have auto-updates enabled for Flatpak on Fedora 29, my Nightly Builder updates while I'm hacking on new features.

Today, I had it update within an hour of pushing to master.

Incredible future!

My girlfriend is allergic to wheat, buckwheat, rye, and a few others (but not gluten). The Bob's Red Mill GF flours have been amazing. We can still make crepes, pancakes, waffles, and I don't even notice.

@federicomena I'm lazy, so...

/gnome-builder (master)

etc. master contains .git.

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Grab Epiphany Technology Preview from to test out their recent changes using my Gtk-based libdazzle!

I think Fedora has gotten to the quality that it would be a better out-of-box experience for Dell XPS hardware.

Very happy with the new XPS 13" (Core™ i7-8650U). The screen is gorgeous, especially with the new Fedora 29 beta wallpaper. F29 is shaping up quite nice.

Feels good to be moved out of the old house and have that avenue of stress closed off. Just one last thing to take care of and then I just get to play the waiting game for some new furniture I ordered.

@federicomena It's *very* smokey because of the chaff. So make sure you got a really good vent hood or an outdoor hot plate?

@federicomena Are you roasting green beans yet? I was just looking at some low-tech roasting solutions now that I have a patio I can roast on.

@Gargron I run the Focusrite Scarlett 8i18 on Linux using XLR for balanced D-I from a Tech 21 Sans Amp for bass.

Also, invest in high quality headphones.

Biggest reason for the switch? Dell's early and strong collaboration with GNOME/LVFS/etc.

My new work laptop comes this week. Switching from over a decade Thinkpad's to the new Dell XPS. Dude, I'm getting a Dell.

@garrett @sesivany @ebassi I did --exclude=grub2* yesterday, because updates-testing broke me too

My girlfriend's mother grew up in Darjeeling (although she's Tibetan) and makes me the most amazing hot sauces. I feel so lucky.

I suspect many people are still using birdsite because of the dopamine hit or whatever from likes/etc. Mastodon puts too much context on likes/boosts and I think that reduces how much people use them.

Being more subtle might actually increase those actions which make people come back for more.

Whether or not you think that is a good thing is debatable, but it might be necessary to get more people off birdsite.

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