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Christian Hergert

Flathub has updated builds for Builder 3.28 on the stable channel now. I experimented with more optimized builds this cycle. It feels quite reactive!

Our nightly channel is both a debug build and very assertion heavy. I'm that style of C programmer. Assert all the things.

So going to a release build can make quite a difference.

I've never had my hand-crafted, organic, grass fed, bespoke, IDE called massive before now.

If C is massive ... shit, do I have to go back to assembler?

Not much excitement around here, but hey, new GNOME 3.28 release is out, and Builder has a metric crap ton of improvement.

Added support for building/running alternate architectures using Qemu/binfmt today.

Making more progress. You can push your app as a Flatpak to a device such as this tablet. Still needs more automation, but getting closer to something useful.

@YaLTeR I'd be willing to mentor 1 person this cycle, (last year was 3, and that was too much). But they'd have to put together a proposal.

Coming up with comprehensive ideas takes a lot of work. I'd want someone who has a feature they're really missing and want to fill that gap. has some info about the Builder work we've been doing to integrate w/ Purism's upcoming Librem5 phone.

It's worth noting you can connect to the very same chatrooms on IRC via Matrix too, if a web chat client works better for your needs.

(I'm personally (mostly idling) on IRC already on other servers, so it's not a big deal for me. But it is for some people.)

@mray Many of us do most of our communication via IRC still. Being around there can be a motivating force.

I think one of the reasons I stay so tightly knit inside the GNOME community is that virtually every other Linux'ish based community I've crossed into makes me want to leave computing behind altogether.

GNOME has created a bubble where I feel valued and that my time and effort makes a difference in peoples lives. It may not be a huge community, but it's consistently been the best choice for me.

@Phrodo_00 Thanks! It's certainly a labor of love.

Every toaster bagel button feature is broken by design.

You need to toast both sides, but at different ratios.

This year has been my first year living in a moderately urban city which also snows. All my urban living previously was in LA/SF where 40°F is "cold".

What I did not expect, was how bright it would be at night. All of the city lights reflecting off the snow makes for a burningman-esque illuminated midnight.

It's pretty eerie though, because I'm a night owl, so I got to beat the neighbor kids to playing in the snow.

If you find yourself telling someone to "calm down" in an argument you're involved in, maybe try a little harder at choosing de-escalating language.