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Added a Gtk/C♯ application template this evening. That makes 3 languages that start with C.

Closed a ton of bugs today to get used to gitlab issues. There are still some things that I think could be improved, but I'm not dissatisfied. So I guess that's success?

Just landed patches to flatpak-builder and Builder that allow us to bundle flatpak-builder inside of Builder. That should simplify the install process even further, since you no longer need to install anything on the host (other than Builder).

Builder and Dazzle have both been moved to! If you can read this, I'm expecting merge requests.

I missed the mono/gtk♯ thread checker/profiler so I made this really crappy thread checker to verify bad things weren't happening. … (requires building deps w/ -finstrument-functions).

(Don't ask me to maintain this, it's throw away code).

I've been working on Builder pretty much non-stop for the past 3 years. So I'm going to try to force myself away for the next week or two and prototype something I've wanted for about a decade.

I abstracted project dependency updating in Builder today so we can support more than just flatpak. Cargo.toml also now supported, feel free to send me patches for your $framework of choice. Also, send me a better icon and design if you're inclined.

Just landed some code to allow you to drag files onto Builder and place them within the editor grid. Similar to how I did view dragging a couple years back.

Probably the most important thing I've written about GNOME in the past few years. It's long, but take the time to read it all.

I added some plumbing to Dazzle which makes implementing DnD and file-browsers easier using Gtk. Builder now has DnD support in it's project tree, even supporting external programs. (Still a few quirks to work out, but will be in our next Nightly).

I finally got around to implementing a recursive directory monitor for Builder so that we can track project changes (using a single inotify FD). Project sidebar updates in reaction to changes.

Round-up of all the development these past 2 months for Builder as we progress towards 3.28.

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