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Added support for building/running alternate architectures using Qemu/binfmt today.

Making more progress. You can push your app as a Flatpak to a device such as this tablet. Still needs more automation, but getting closer to something useful. has some info about the Builder work we've been doing to integrate w/ Purism's upcoming Librem5 phone.

It's worth noting you can connect to the very same chatrooms on IRC via Matrix too, if a web chat client works better for your needs.

(I'm personally (mostly idling) on IRC already on other servers, so it's not a big deal for me. But it is for some people.)

I think one of the reasons I stay so tightly knit inside the GNOME community is that virtually every other Linux'ish based community I've crossed into makes me want to leave computing behind altogether.

GNOME has created a bubble where I feel valued and that my time and effort makes a difference in peoples lives. It may not be a huge community, but it's consistently been the best choice for me.

Every toaster bagel button feature is broken by design.

You need to toast both sides, but at different ratios.

This year has been my first year living in a moderately urban city which also snows. All my urban living previously was in LA/SF where 40°F is "cold".

What I did not expect, was how bright it would be at night. All of the city lights reflecting off the snow makes for a burningman-esque illuminated midnight.

It's pretty eerie though, because I'm a night owl, so I got to beat the neighbor kids to playing in the snow.

If you find yourself telling someone to "calm down" in an argument you're involved in, maybe try a little harder at choosing de-escalating language.

12 hours after I took this picture we got 5" of snow... so much for the thaw.

A preview of a new companion tool I've been building for Builder.

deviced, libdeviced, and devicectl

It is an agent that can live on devices (phone/tablet/iot/container) and make it easy to build IDE tooling for them.

Obviously, I'll be working on making Builder seamless for developing a certain new GNU/Linux based phone.

Should have a really slick demo for Linux desktop developers next week.

Builder's code stats for January:

416 files changed, 28802 insertions(+), 18037 deletions(-)

Lots of translations in there too, but still a damn lot. We rewrote a handful of subsystems to improve our correctness in a variety of scenarios.

Our most stable first Alpha of any cycle I'm sure of it.

Also, the lede in the photo is that I'm working on a device daemon to allow Builder to transparently work with external devices.

If you are doing automatic connections to peers on a local network, you probably want to be using TLS these days.

Using TLS generally requires a CN to validate. But you can use self-signed certs and TOFU (Trust on First Use) in some cases

Doing that requires generating keys. And generating keys requires using something like openssl. And learning openssl is a pain in the ass.

So I made a helper to asynchronously generate a GTlsCertificate for use in your glib/gtk apps.

Some improvements to our ctags back-end this morning. Python should work a bit better now.

Quick experiment, turns out it works. Builder debugging a Rust application inside a Flatpak.

Did a fun hack today that can proxy PTY (pseudoterminal) content while simultaneously unescaping terminal sequences + error regex extraction.

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