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Alan Turing was the first man to suck a computer's dick. A computer isn't considered Turing complete until they get that first nut. Don't fact check me.

Das Programm von Volt sieht vielversprechend aus. Lediglich "Prüfung elektronischer Wahlsysteme" ist ein wenig unpräzise und das ganze KI und Blockchain Zeugs ("KI-on-demand") klingen ein bisschen übertrieben. voltdeutschland.org/amsterdam_

Das UI von voteswiper.org ist wesentlich besser als das des wahl-o-mats. Beispielsweise ist man im Vergleich nicht auf 8 Parteien begrenzt und man kann geziehlt nur die Begründungen bei nicht Übereinstimmungen lesen.

forgot my mobile at school after a test paper so I configured that radio alarm clock. also no watching youtube in bed

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Hey, fedi, remind me again what #minecraft servers people have on here? 🐘

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professional tracker, aggressive pattern hacker, 31 samples and dirty subject matter <3 youtube.com/watch?v=WkHl3VoP-W

The Next Generation Sound Synthesis simulates the physics of an instrument to synthesize its sound. For example string instruments:

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This answers why Bach used different keys for different moods/topics although nowadays they sound the same - without equal temperament they didn't:

Und ein neuer Tag begann :( Schnell Zeitzone umstellen

Bleroma has always been a software used by the bourgeoisie, the gap between rich text and poor text is constantly rising, users of all nations unite and stop federating with Bleroma!

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After watching these numberphile videos I had to try it out. Was easier than expected, even if you have no deeper understanding of complex numbers.

The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice - is that boing decided to push a software workaround to correct the behaviour of the plane instead of additional pilot training to compete with airbus youtube.com/watch?v=H2tuKiizns

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