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bob and alice really talk a lot to each other, you think they're secretly in love?

i played though doki doki literature club but will have to start it a second time today after school. this didn't turn out how i'd like it AT ALL

This dress too nice for a jacket - so I'm freezing

just realized now that Sayori is gone there won't be anyone stopping Natsuki from kissing me

fuck no one told me people die in video games

i got into it today and somehow feel like i'm not allowed to enjoy it because i haven't read a single manga and have too look up every japanese phase on urban dictionary, and still i do. I'm writing for Natsuki btw, cause headphones, skirts, socks and chocolate

also writing in a foreign language makes it easier and harder to articulate, but I prefer the language barrier over my lack of self confidence

getting lost in stories you deeply relate to makes reality both easier and harder to endure

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Everybody in the world is striving for love and connection, and society fills the void with food and alcohol and netflix
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@trickster just wait until ad algorithms determine you're pregnant based on the contents of your package.json
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"Die korrekte englische Schreibweise lautet Referrer. Der ursprüngliche RFC (RFC 2068) enthielt jedoch versehentlich die falsche Schreibweise Referer und erhebt diesen Wortlaut damit zum Standard innerhalb von HTTP. " de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Referrer

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Why does catenate meat "join things together" and not "make someone a catgirl"

can't wait for Monday to happen
first 33 min have already been stunning

stop repeating past conversations in your head. life isn't a play or what?

Just woke up from a nightmare in which I was scared because I supposedly listened to a scary song by Tame Impala? Luckily the song doesn't exist and I won't ever have to listen to it again

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