Corman vs my interpretation in Tikz of what the prof was copying of Corman...

t-then I will do it. this year. it will need some confidence but I want this so much...

After completing the Web Interface Hack the router somehow didn't boot so I had to open it up and use the serial connection method which (to my surprise) worked at the first attempt. I now have a TP-Link TD W8970B running OpenWRT 19.07.4

wow I've been using Arch for at least two years now and only today did I realize the progress bar of pacman is, well - pacman...
I'm so dumb

ist das neu oder mir nur noch nie aufgefallen? (Spotify Web)

CURSED, but for real! 

MicrosoftEdge, because Unixart?
and open source collaboration - whut?

Having an artist in your family is so cool, I got the nicest mug in the WORLD!

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