@chjara @izaya oh, interestingly, I've always loved the German form Clara of it (too bad that's also my best friend's sister's name)

@neo @chjara didn't mean to sound so harsh, sowwy, thanks a lot for your answer.

@neo @chjara okay, nice to know but that wasn't the question :p

@neo @chjara it translates to 17 (in what language then) or is that her age?

i-is it even a name real people go by or just the pretties nickname ever? @chjara

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chjara is such a nice name. I wish I had such a nice name...

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i'm wondering if I should build something with a web gui or some curses tui in an unironic way. i had the idea of a program which colorizes logs, extracts numbers and plots them in graphs alongside the log, so for the logs terminal would be nice, for the graphs a browser

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@chjara from the article linked to in the description: "There was a time in the 1990s when I could identify every major mp3 encoder by sound (back when they were all pretty bad), and could demonstrate this reliably in double-blind testing"

that's crazy...

I might have said it before but if i could make it go quiet is an excellent album

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today Wikipedians are arguing about if Hermione Granger should be included in the list of catgirls, since she transformed into a cat in one of the books

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OpenSSH 8.8 disables ssh-rsa per default because it's broken, yet AzureDevOps doesn't support anything else developercommunity.visualstudi
Nice enterprise stuff we're using at work there...

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