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TIL: "Die Abkürzung CCTV steht für:

Überwachungskamerasysteme (engl. Closed Circuit Television), siehe Videoüberwachungsanlage

das chinesische Staatsfernsehen CCTV, siehe China Central Television"
Das kann kein Zufall sein!!

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YYYY-MM-DD is the only valid date format

@piggo yesss, or someone trying to beat Facebook in targeted advertising

Wow, that's the most well written privacy policy I've ever read. nimses.com/en/privacy
A good summary by a lawyer: youtube.com/watch?v=YenbM8EB2M

Dear diary,
I spent this evening swimming and listening to music with friends. Future me remember: It was really nice and I don't regret anything at all. Do this more often!

finally managed to debug by i3 config for 3 monitors: putting inverted commas around workspace names fixed it, must have been some weird spaces

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Of course I know what the Magna Carta is. It’s the powerhouse of the cell.

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Alan Turing was the first man to suck a computer's dick. A computer isn't considered Turing complete until they get that first nut. Don't fact check me.

Das Programm von Volt sieht vielversprechend aus. Lediglich "Prüfung elektronischer Wahlsysteme" ist ein wenig unpräzise und das ganze KI und Blockchain Zeugs ("KI-on-demand") klingen ein bisschen übertrieben. voltdeutschland.org/amsterdam_

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