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Woah, Billie Eilish at Coachella was incredible. You can still jump back in the stream:
Coachella 2019 LIVE Channel 1 -

Urbandict: ibf stands for Internet best friend
Me: if bf is the abbreviation for boyfriend it must mean Internet boyfriend?

Android apps offering to switch between light and dark theme at sunset somehow consider 9 PM being daytime.
Man kann das Brechungsgesetz einfach mit nem Tiefpunkt in der Funktion für die Zeit die das Licht braucht herleiten und es kommt das gleiche raus, wie wenn man es geometrisch macht. Verrückte Welt.

WTF this dream went from Alexibexi making a video about founding a bakery to the worst nightmare ever.

Just in case FBI raids my room while I'm sleeping: I'm seeding 3.5 GBs of labeled facial expressions to do a favor for a stranger in Reddit (and to fight against universities whose websites look like 2000 and don't offer downloads anymore).

Just decided I'll simply torrent the new billie album instead of spending 18€ on a CD. Feels a bit wrong but all my other music is ripped from the public library anyways so it's not different except for being illegal...

Doing your backups at world backup day shows how serious you take making backups.

Btw I just made my backups using this fabulous guide by @thomas

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Eben gelernt: Wie man mit einem abgebrochenen Pinnwandstecker und etwas doppelseitigem Klebeband den Kollegen schockiert….

terminal applications being like: Smooth scrolling (one line at a time) has become the default.

War echt eine gute erste Demoerfahrung in , bin aber ganz schon erschöpft....

@karen Is it true this is a popular search engine in Czech? Have you heard of it?

A cat tried to sneak into my room through the opened window but then changed its mind.

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