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The Cistercian monks invented a numbering system in the 13th century which meant that any number from 1 to 9999 could be written using a single symbol

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Story Time!

So we are discussing the joke that IPoAC is still faster than @DefaultAlex’s internet connection. This got us all thinking about how useful a Pigeon would be for transfering data.

So, how would we attach data to a pigeon? MicroSD cards!

Straight up asking your popular search engine this question returns pretty much nothing so we thought we’d actually calculate it. How hard could it be??

A typical pigeon can carry about 10% of it’s weight safely. The average pigeon is 300-500 grams which means we have a range of 30-50 grams of weight capacity.

A MicroSD card weighs in at about 0.25g so in the best case senario, we can get 120-200 MicroSD cards attached to a pigeon. If we go with 512GB cards, we’re talking 60-100TB of raw capacity.

We don’t want to loose any of this data so we would probably need a RAID6 setup. So we’re down to 59-99TB of raw capacity. That’s still a lot though!

So this poses a few new questions…

How would we calculate the bandwidth of the connection?
How do we protect the data?
Would we need to make a RAID array of pigeons to ensure no packet loss? If so, how the hell do you RAID6 a pigeon?
Does bird flu impact the transfer rate? If so, would that technically be a computer virus now?
What’s the packet loss of a pigeon?

Next Week: We discuss sending encryption keys via Foxes.

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satellital tv has problems with rain because the satellite gets wet.

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ah, yes, general motors and its arch enemy, specific motors...

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Today, I've done the first livestream of 2021. I've started out with my system being non-bootable and my partition table messed up, but by the end we've had over 100 people watching at once (for the first time!), fantastic music submissions and we've made some awesome sounds together!

Here's the stream archive in case you missed it:

I am also attaching the final music track made (you can watch the stream as a complete "making of") and a summary.

inspired by @comet
added more comets and colors,
also added different masses to the stars.

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So, a long long time ago I discussed the following idea with some people here on fedi, and now I finally want to implement it, but I could use some help, especially from #nesdev and #pico8 folx.

Basically it's a tiny VM that runs almost 24/7 and anyone can modify its code or add to it. Something like a semi-public access PICO-8.


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Ever look at an electronic device wanting to open it only to find that they used some special weird screw to prevent you from opening it? I remember the first time this happened to me, I was around 9 years old and I wanted to open a gameboy and it had those triangle screws. Security through obscurity lol.

Well I don't have that problem anymore. Manufacturers TAKE HEED: you're going to have to invent new screw heads to keep me out.

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i wrote a small program that make a .pgm of a mandelbrot set, 16000x16000 at bw ascii takes 488,3Mb of space or a 2,4Mb jpg

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Everything can be a kite if the wind is strong enough

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