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This tutorial shows how to use installimage to install an encrypted Ubuntu 20.04 system and add remote unlocking via SSH (dropbear) in initramfs stored in a separate /boot partition.

Why not switch perspectives for a moment - by simply lying down on the floor in our cold aisle.
Don't you think it looks pretty impressive from down here?

You need a solution to run a guest OS on a Managed Server using QEMU.
In this tutorial we will learn how to install QEMU on a Managed Server. With QEMU on a Managed Server you can run a guest operating system in emulation mode.

One day we found him standing at our front door, and the mystery didn't end there. Who is that? Where did he come from? With his know-how and charm, he blew us all away. (Perhaps you have spotted him before?)
Hero is still on trial & needs your support & feedback to stay with us.

We ♥ Free Software - not only workwise but also personal we use free software and love it.

Do you use one of the popular free software applications to surf the web or write emails and documents, or even a free software operating system?

We have made a few changes to our forum:

- Users can add labels to their marketplace threads. These labels are available: "Sold", "Searching" & "Offering"
- The subforum "Sonstiges" can be found further below
- A subforum "Storage Share" has been created

The safe haven for your data - our data center park!
Where is your web space, cloud solution, dedicated root server or managed server located?

By following this tutorial you should have three Hetzner cloud servers running Jitsi Meet, with the option of scaling up by creating additional cloud servers with the so called Jitsi Videobridge.

Break through to new dimensions!

From virtualization to content creation - with our new Dedicated Root Server AX101, the sky's the limit!
Get mind-blowing performance for just € 99 a month and a one-time setup fee of € 99 (without VAT).

Order now

Do you have an idea for a high-quality tutorial that is not yet in our library and is worth sharing?
Share your expertise, get rewarded for your writing, support other users, and help to grow a free collection of high-quality tutorials for developers.

Need to securely store and manage your data? The combination of HDDs and NVMe SSDs ensures improved performance and makes it perfect for your high-storage use case.
All this storage can be yours, starting at €69 a month + one-time setup fee! Check it out:

Year in review - The year #2020 wasn't all bad! We've put together our look back at a year full of new products and great features.

Which one was your favorite?

In this tutorial you can learn how to set up a on Hetzner .
As a complete local solution, @Nextclouders offers the benefits of collaboration without compliance and security risks.

Today we're sharing another glimpse into one of our data centers.
We only provide limited insight into our data center parks, and for good reason: Our top priority is the security of your data.

The new year has just begun - for most people that means getting off the couch and back to the office.

But in our case it means: back to the

R to @hetzner_online: The winners are:


"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0... Happy New Year!"

Hetzner Online wishes you all a successful new year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a restful holiday season. Our whole team sends you their heartfelt thanks for your continued trust in us.
Most of us go into hibernation until 4 January 2021. Our data center technicians are as usual available 24/7.

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