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Ever wondered how to install Plesk on a Hetzner Cloud Server?

With only four simple steps - your Plesk instance will be up and running, and enable you to run, automate and grow your websites and applications as needed.

It's now easier than ever to let @PrometheusIO scrape your Hetzner Dedicated & Cloud servers!
To help you get started, read our latest community tutorial:

Hetzner Cloud read-only API tokens are here! Never worry about accidentally exposing write access to your infrastructure again.
Try them out now on

Without cables nothing works, but they also get in the way and gather dust.
In the worst case you stumble over them. There are simple solutions how to tame the cables - what are your tips to finally bring organization into the chaos?

For the Hosting & Service Provider Awards 2020, leading providers were nominated in a total of ten categories.

After a close head-to-head race, we were able to beat the competition in the category Cloud Server.

The result: 1st place and therefore platinum for Hetzner Online!

For the 2020 Hosting & Service Provider Awards, voters chose their favorite providers in 10 categories.
After a head-to-head race, we beat the competition in the category Cloud Hosting/ Cloud Server/ Service Provider and win the platinum prize! A big thanks to our supporters!

RT by @hetzner_online: I'm pleased to announce the release of @hetzner_online hcloud CLI v1.19.0 including a complete refactor of the shell completions, improved handling of server creation with deprecated images, and a few more things!

German for beginners: "Der Kabelsalat": Literally meaning cable salad, cable spaghetti or cable clutter.
"Kabelsalat" is the only salad on earth which prepares itself. It is not made on purpose; it just occurs.
What do you think of our "Kabelsalat"?

Once again we grant you a rare glimpse into one of our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly .
We are curious: How do you suppose the data center of the future will look like?

Solid performance, good support and still very affordable: Hetzner is price-performance winner!
@PC_Magazin once again looked at various business hosters in Germany and their offers.
In comparison our web hosting "Level 4" was rated "very good" in the price/performance section.

We are connect- "test winner"!
Europe's largest telecommunication magazine "connect" has put hosting offers under the microscope.
Our web hosting package "Level 9" was tested as part of the check. In the overall ranking, Hetzner reached the top of the list.

Load Balancers are now in general availability on Hetzner Cloud!

- 3 powerful plans to choose from
- Up- and downgrading between plans
- Display graphs like “Open connections” and more.

Starting as low as € 4.90 (excl. VAT) - learn more here:

With the right perspective, the inside of a data center is a visual feast. Illustrating the "Four Cs" - Corridors, Cabling, Cooling and Containment.
Well, who knows what's in this picture?

Say goodbye to the old and welcome a whole series of new managed servers.
MX93-HDD, MX93, MA120 and MA140 are replacing the current MX servers.
With Intel® Xeon® and now also AMD EPYC processors there is something for every use case.

Love Hetzner Cloud?

Spread the word to family, friends and followers and get rewarded. They get € 20 to try us out and you get € 10 when they stay with us!

Find out more at

All amounts excl. VAT

You have been eagerly waiting for it, now it's finally here: The AX61-NVMe Dedicated Root Server is now also available in Germany (Falkenstein).
Experience the impressive performance of its 12 cores and 24 threads!

R to @hetzner_online: Okay, here comes the conclusion: the data center park has 100,000 square meters of space on which to build. But 42 is of course also right 😉

We already have 13 DCs in operation at our data center park in Falkenstein. But we have space for more.

Can you guess the total size of this DC park in square meters?

RT by @hetzner_online: We now also support @hetzner_online DNS for Let's Encrypt wildcard certificates 🔥 Grab the API token from the DNS panel and 1-click install 🚀

Communication from your server to private networks is not allowed on many providers.
In this tutorial you will learn how to harden the firewall of the server in order to block any outgoing communications to private networks.

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