TIL: in 2001 when GPRS was launched in Germany, the price for 1 GB was 35.000 euros. Yes, not kidding, folks!

And in 2001 it would have taken me 3 days to download that 1 GB of data over GPRS with 2 timeslot bundling.

Today over LTE, transferring 1GB of data only takes a few minutes.

That was a niche market back in 2001. Why would you have needed data on the go back in 2001? Many did not even own a (dumb) mobile phone yet.

Even on the single family computer at home, downloading a full GB from the internet would have been very unusual. DSL was still rare, most still using 56 kbit/s modems. And that was paid per minute for internet access, no flatrates.

@raimue yes, very early mobile data days then. I used circuit switched data at the time with a Siemens S45 and a Palm IIIx for email and web (via a compression and scraper client server application who's name escapes me for the moment).

@raimue IrDA Infrared between the Palm IIIx and the Siemens S35 for circuits switched data

@heurekus Back in ~2007 you could buy a day of GPRS/EDGE for around ~50 cents. I remember using a Nokia 6230i with some custom J2ME software as a very crude webcam over EDGE.

Billed by traffic, it was still this expensive. I think it was something like 20€/MB. Must have been o2 or one of the resellers.

@heurekus the pro price of "only" €9700/GB plus once you pay the €10/month subscription fee is clearly the better deal though.

@mlc the year after at the end of 2002 were down to 2500 euros per GB

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