TIL: Can't open a PDF file on Linux because it's owner password protected to prevent printing or other things? Easy fix without having to know the password:

qpdf --decrypt in.pdf out.pdf

Done! 🙂

@heurekus that works but only half the time. It is only if the person hasn't used a strong secure password. Although admittedly, most don't ;)

@shirishag75 Hm, I'm talking about the case when the author password is set but empty so the document shows in Adobe Reader without the need to enter a password. This strange feature then 'protects' the content and some functions e.g. printing can be disabled by the author.

@heurekus really? I would like to have known about this many years ago!! :02smile:

Me too! But today was finally the day I had enough and spent the time to figure this out 🙂

@heurekus I think that only works for documents that aren't actually protected by a password - it's encrypted with some default password but the PDF viewer doesn't realize it and keeps asking for the password. qpdf is more clever and can remove the encryption.

@WPalant Yes, that's why Adobe Reader can open it without asking for a password. Rediculous, really... 🙂

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