Jitsi Meet: How many video participants in a single conference room can a self hosted server support? Didn't find a good answer so I tried it out myself:

@heurekus thank you for that, I had to attend a zoom session recently via phone due to strange issue Chromium had with a microphone. A participant told me " sucks" without offering more details.

@heurekus Hello, at school we tried lecture mode and successfully achieved 30 people connected simultaneously, with almost no lag. I however do not know what the servers are and how well they were handling it.


One of the possible options for the event in may is replacing it with 1000 people in a video conference. I know Jitsi didn't have that use case in mind - do you know if anyone has gone that far with scalability?

Does presenter mode allow people to queue up to get a virtual microphone for points of privilege and what have you?

@heurekus I have only tested with three of myself and firefox was one, android devices the other two 'me'.
What problems happen with firefox? All seemed to work well.
If we have to use chrome it's a non-starter for me.

@gemlog When I had 6 or 7 participants, videos of some would be lost in Firefox over time. The users were still there but not the video. Also, I had trouble changing between the internal speaker and external USB connected headset.

@heurekus great study ! Thanks for that.

Maybe the jitsi-meet landing page for an installation could display information about the sizing so that users know if they can do big meeting or use it only for small meetings...

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