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My birdsite friends are much like me. Queer or strong Allies, gamers, weirdos, and geeks. They are also, mostly, Gen X. As they trickle in, be gentle with those a bit older.

tips for new mastodon users:

1. don't try to rush through the main story quests
2. don't buy white vendor gear
3. don't run ahead of the tank
4. the world dragon bosses will eat you if you try to pet them
4. have fun!

Hello! I am new to mastodon, and this server. I have no idea what I am doing or how this interface works. Gods help me. I am in hell.

Intro Time! 🇨🇦

I'm bi, polyam, and part-time fast food/part-time homemaker. I take aikido, I garden in a community garden plot, and I make our home run smoothly.

My mrs is in programming and just got a fancy new job with a fancy new company and I'm so happy for her. (she's had far to many crappy jobs). We're saving up for a downpayment on property so I can build us some security in the form of a homestead/farmstead.

Looking forward to meeting some weird folks. 🙂

“This ain’t my first mambo.” -Lou Bega

y'all have been troopers for dealing w my sadposts today, now we return to your regularly scheduled #mascmonday selfies and hoo boy is a baseball cap a thing of beauty (selfies, no ec, boosts! boosts! boosts!)

Watched the Irishman last night. Very elegiac. A goodbye to a genre. Very much like The Unforgiven where Clint murdered the Western and the glamour surrounding it.

I have to chase the sun? no. could you? yes.

Also "Coke" can mean literally any soda. Like someone might ask you what kinda Coke y'all got.

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“Y’all” is a superior plural pronoun. “Ain’t” is a perfectly good contraction. “Reckon” is a fantastic verb for describing when you are of an opinion. “Yonder” is the only word to describe that way over there.

God I hate the holidays. Yay shitty upbringing.

me after one drink, handcuffing the nuclear football briefcase to my arm <Donald Pleasence voice>: Get me to the pod!

Enjoying a delicious Moscow Mule and watching American footsballs. AMA

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