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trying out amaroq for mobile.. pretty chill

having dms be like. On ur profile is so weird

dating oliver has made me start using emojis cuz he texts like a str8 boy so like if i start texting u like a heterosexual im sorry

can i get banned for saying im a homophobe even tho im gay like will the mysterious mods above axe me for this

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homies and homos (two mutually exclusive categories, as i am a homophobe) How are we feeling

Sobbing at lou wilson being like "ive been getting into f1" like yeah man.. watched dts huh

Can i change my domain........ i made this acc back in 2017 or something so i didnt know domain was like a cool way to group peoplbe i just joined the big recommended one at the time

Hexa? Responding to people? A luxury not afforded on twitter where i have everyone muted except the people i follow

f1 is complicated cuz it reminds me of... Some genuinely traumatic times. But its such a fun sport SMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it that there's custom emojis but there's no pogchamp like whats the point

Also add me on animal crossing dm for my switch code gang. I have hybrids and am in the southern hemisphere which is sexy of me. I send people ducks randomly

its so fun and i bought it like 2 months ago and have over 100 hours on it......... Terrifying

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i must confess, homestuck friends and followers. Upon turning 18 i became INTENSELY problematic. it's a curse that touches us all at some point. i play SKYRIM now

I had to mute the little beep for everything except mentiosn and follows because. It makes my ears hurt

im uploading the drawings i did for muse @callieroxy (DOES IT TAG??) because theyre cool and i love them also calliope rights

The best thing abt this site is the fact that they still have the star icon instead of the heart to "favourite" "Toots" like. That was the biggest downgrade twitter ever made lbr

someone make the beeping stop my ears prickle

call me a fool but. Still working out how content warnings work on here. And also tags. I truly do now know jack shit

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