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I'm trying out postmarketOS on my OnePlus One. My notes so far:

- While the mainline kernel shows console output, only the downstream one has functional graphics.
- OpenSSH works in the mainline kernel, but in the downstream one the connection breaks after authentication. Dropbear works, the USB Networking wiki page says how to switch.
- The 'Unknown chunk type' fastboot error is caused by the image being too large. Create a recovery zip, or choose no UI.
- Phosh, GNOME, and Xfce seem broken.

I made a handy script to patch JD-GUI to use a dark theme:

It uses Darcula for the interface (with -Dhidpi to work around a bug), and changes the code view to use a dark theme that's actually already inside JD-GUI but not used.
It also turns on antialiasing so the fonts don't look terrible.

Finally figured out why a partition wasn't unmounting, despite supposedly not being used by anything. A bit of deeper digging revealed it was in use by jbd2, which is the kernel. Turns out there was a loop device that was set up but not mounted. losetup -d fixed it.

me: okay, I want to build this google thing
me: *clones repo* ok how do I build it
google: with our proprietary build tool that's nearly the same as a standard one but not
me: *runs tool*
tool: no
me: what
google: you cloned it wrong
me: what
google: you have to clone with our special tool that's nearly git but not

this was inspired by an increasingly complex shell script that I'm currently writing to parse data from a website

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I wrote a script to invert the luminosity of Wireshark packet colours, making it look better with dark themes.

- Export the existing colours with View > Coloring Rules > Export
- Run the script to modify the colours: ./ current-colours.txt > new-colours.txt
- Import the new colours
- Move them to the top of the list (or just clear all the rules before importing)

"DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE!" the file says. I write some Python code to parse and edit the file

oh sorry, did you not want RGB GAMING RAM to go with your RGB GAMING MOTHERBOARD? too bad

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"the only thing people ever do is gaming, what else could a computer possibly be used for"
- computer parts manufacturers, probably

CentOS, and its paid alternative, DollarOS

TWRP backup is broken on my phone (there's an open GitHub issue from a year ago), so I had to just adb pull /dev/block/mmcblk0 instead

The majority of my Twitter followers are now just from the NordVPN thing, so I might end up using Mastodon more

And why does dpkg fail with an obscure tar-related error that has 0 Google results? Hmm...
(The tar kludge was probably to make the dpkg kludge work, somehow, but it doesn't seem to work anymore)

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The next challenge is figuring out what I was thinking when I wrote it. Like, why did I replace /usr/bin/tar with a shell script that calls sed on the arguments before passing them to busybox tar?

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I've been working on getting a kludge that I wrote over 2 years ago working again.
First challenge was finding it: it was inside a backup inside a backup inside a backup...

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