I've been forgetting to repost my tweets here. Oops

3 types of programs:

$ foo -h
invalid option -- 'h'
Try 'foo --help' for more information.

$ foo --help
invalid option -- '-'
usage: foo [-iuegnvlairKnsivrngvV] qux blarg

$ foo --help
unknown option '--help', continuing anyway
deleting your files...
^C^Cdeleting more files...^C

[every time]
was it align-items: center? nope... justify-content: center? hmm... align-content?
oh, it just needed margin: auto

Just had to add "the" to my dictionary, because when I swiped, my keyboard would always put "The"

Did you hear that Slack has a new logo?
Seems kinda familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

*checks flash drives one by one for a spare*
wait, what was on the first one again
*checks again*

1 United States Bollar = 10 United States Dollars

According to the Customs declaration:

This Small Packet BY AIr contains Solder paste worth USB$0.160. The Tatal grossweight is 0.030Kg, and the Sender's signiture is blank.
It contains chemicals known to the state of Colifomia to canuse cancer/reproductive harn, and to Consuit the MSDS.

Join my Quantum Hyperledger Recentralised Blockchain Database ICO pre-sale!
Redefining the world with revolutionary new technology!
Fully managed ledger database that provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log. Owned by a central trusted authority.
Payment is accepted via Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, ScamCoin, or US Dollar.

Download the whitepaper: [blank white PDF]

[Product is just a MySQL database that you can't delete from]

New from Amazon: SQL, but you can't delete stuff

So we've got *centralised* blockchains now.
Haha. Nice.

As an encryption discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving xkcd.com/538/ approaches 1

Tried using Scuttlebutt (via Manyverse).
After 6 hours, and much frustration, I can finally see a friend's post.

Might check back in a year to see if things have improved.

*duct tapes 4TB hard drive to my phone*
so you think your fancy 256GB phone is cool

This was fixed by removing the entire site

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