I think my favorite part of ES6 is template literals.

@bkastl Thanks, Bianca — now that's stuck in my head :blobpats:

@heydon template literals and web components constantly make me think those big frameworks are becoming more and more pointless.

@hankchizljaw Exactly. I'll invite you to the project I'm working on using this stuff if you're interested. Not yet, though, need to get it in a reasonable state first :welp:

@heydon yeh for sure, that'll be cool. Our baby is due at any moment, so that works for me as I'll no-doubt vanish at any point.

@hankchizljaw @heydon Although web components, I'm not sure, could you find a good tutorial / introduction / book about it? I have the feeling they have been around forever now, but got no traction, there must be a reason

@akmur @heydon They're super low-level and devs have gotten used to having their hands held by frameworks. Also, the newer custom elements spec is a heck of a lot simpler than its over-complicated, predecessor.

I sorta blog about them as and when I learn stuff:

@akmur @hankchizljaw @heydon Look at Custom Elements and shadowDOM. If you add a DOMParser or a template literal library that generates html it's the most existing part of current JavaScript World. Well known template literals html libraries: and You could also have a glance to my library It's not production ready but only 170 sloc. I did it in order to learn that. And that's awesome ;)

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