I think I found a MAJOR Chrome bug with window.confirm(). If you cancel by keyboard, it confirms! Can anyone corroborate this, please?

So... it seems to be an OSX quirk. Enter with Cancel focused _confirms_ (not just Chrome; Firefox and possibly others).

@heydon Hitting Esc or tabbing to the ‘Cancel’ and pressing Space or Enter returns ‘cancelled’.

@aardrian On Windows? On OSX, I've had it confirmed (sorry, pun) that only Space on the Cancel button cancels. Enter confirms (!!!!)

@aardrian No, thanks. Here's a vid of the behavior on OSX (I press Enter when Cancel is focused).

@heydon That appears to be… a problem. Did you try from Codepen debug mode in a private window with no add-ons?

@aardrian No, but others have confirmed it is a macOS behavior. You have to manually switch on keyboard focus in OS settings to even GET to the bug in the first place...

@heydon I have always hated that keyboard support is off by default. Just absurd.

@heydon @aardrian definitely is… I can't count the number if times I confirmed dialogs when I wanted to cancel then. It is so ingrained in my muscle memory to "just hit enter".


@heydon Only happens to me with activated Voice Over. But then I can reproduce it :?

@heydon return key for the default. Space key to activate the currently selected UI element.

@heydon should have scrolled further to see it was already answered. Sadly it did not show up in the reply chain. :)

@heydon When cancelling with the Esc key it correctly gives cancelled (on Mac). I don't know how else to cancel it; I think it's impossible to move the focus from OK to Cancel.

@ppk I'm on OSX and can do that (I see the focus ring move). With Cancel focused, Space cancels but Enter confirms (!!!)

@heydon How do you do it? Maybe there's a setting I should toggle or something; I forget.

@ppk Oh, to enable focus of controls? You may have to go to Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts to activate some disabled stuff.

@heydon Got it now! Test report confirmed: Enter confirms; Space cancels when the focus is on Cancel. Esc always cancels.

@ppk Thanks. It's a very counterintuitive in my opinion, but others say they're used to it.

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