I have been suspended from Twitter for attacking the protected class that is [squints] Brexiteers... how's your morning going?

@heydon maybe Brexitism now counts as a “serious disease”

@heydon Ah, that's "cunt" I suppose.
American companies are so prude.

@notabene You'd think, but I say cunt all the time. Only this tweet was flagged.

@heydon Ah, so this time you were tagged by brexiteers. Interesting to see how private-owned platforms incline to serve private interests, methinks.

@heydon well, here in good old Europe, the EU is fucking up the internet.
What a time to be alive!

@bkastl Yeah, much as I support the EU, that's a difficult one to defend.

@heydon I was suspended from Twitter Because they wanted to harvest my CELLPHONE Number... I don't own a Cellphone so I'm OFF Permanently... and Happy to be gone!


@heydon haven't been on twitter yet today. Some of us need a chance to catch up and get suspended!

@heydon the day of the vote on Brexit a video we translated and uploaded went viral in UK with milions of views.

You may be interested in seeing it:

And here there is the next episode on the origins of EU:

@alexl I'm not on Facebook, but that sounds good!

@heydon being a brexiteer is a serious disease. That's probably why.

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