I have been suspended from Twitter for attacking the protected class that is [squints] Brexiteers... how's your morning going?

@heydon maybe Brexitism now counts as a “serious disease”

@heydon well, here in good old Europe, the EU is fucking up the internet.
What a time to be alive!

@bkastl Yeah, much as I support the EU, that's a difficult one to defend.

@heydon I was suspended from Twitter Because they wanted to harvest my CELLPHONE Number... I don't own a Cellphone so I'm OFF Permanently... and Happy to be gone!


Didn't it used to be the case that they kept up horrible anti immigrant stuff because they were like, well, that's a politics thing, it's part of the discourse? Or was that just Facebook

@heydon haven't been on twitter yet today. Some of us need a chance to catch up and get suspended!

@heydon being a brexiteer is a serious disease. That's probably why.

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