The new Webbed Briefs video is available for your viewing pleasure.

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@heydon The video's conclusion seems to be targeted at content creators.

As a software engineer, I wonder what I can do or - even better - how companies could change their behavior in order to make a change. And I'm obviously not talking about FAANG companies 😉

@sphinxc0re Good question. Definitely do our best to resist including trackers from FAANG companies and collecting or selling/sharing persoanl data, for starters.

@heydon Okay, I'm not in that kind of business anyway. But using GA for projects kind of became the default and trying to convince customers to use Matomo or even Plausible seems impossible. Should I just keep trying?

@sphinxc0re Sure! Or try to find different kinds of people to work with if you can afford to do that.

@heydon Really likes the credits song and animation. 👏🏻

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