"Just the muscle memory of typing T-W-I into the URL-bar and hitting Enter..." MY GOD so much this 😭
@laura talks about the difficulty of weaning oneself off of the sticky mead of the Twitter "Hell Site" at the Small is Beautiful livestream

You are right, @aral that you *need* these (single-tenant small web) experiences need to be as seamless as their Big Tech counterparts — we are all too easily swayed by convenience...

@heydon on the small-tech.org/events/small-is live stream.

@flakoot @aral @heydon hm very interesting, but even more interesting why it's not hosted on a PeerTube instance, I can't subscribe now ^^

@jeena after having spent the past two days setting up Peertube ("properly"), I can understand why :D

Baby steps. In theory StreamYard (which they are using) supports multistreams, so if they want to set up an Owncast/Peertube instance they *could* just stream to it besides the current setup. (cc @aral)


@flakoot @jeena @aral Same. Looked into it but found it very confusing. Plus all the instances I looked at were filled with conspiracy crackpots (probably just bad luck, that part)

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@heydon @flakoot @aral that's sadly not bad luck but reality. There are good instances though too like (mine and) tilvids.com/ and peertube.sunknudsen.com/ or share.tube/videos/local and more. I should curate a list of good instances.

@heydon @jeena yeah I only been playing with it for a couple days in earnest and there's a lot of very apparent papercuts and ux issues. If I end up sticking with it I plan to report/fix some of these when I better know my way around the architecture...

@flakoot @heydon yes definatelly, I've been around since october last year and reported a couple of things and most of them got already fixed, so it's quite nice to see that it's getting better and some of my complains which I mostly make in video form in that series are invalid already :)

In my opinion it's the closest we have as a federated alternative to YouTube, like Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter, just by far not as polished yet.

@flakoot @heydon one very cool feature is that people can subscribe, like and comment from Mastodon.

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