@heydon Quick question: Following your Mantra of "The basic layout is not a broken layout", aren't SPAs inherently bad in that regard?


@sphinxc0re Not sure what you mean, sorry. A SPA could use CSS progressively?

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@heydon Of course it can. I thought that statement meant, that it also has to be "not broken" with JavaScript disabled

@sphinxc0re In the video, it's about an imperfect layout still providing essential content in an accessible way, hence not "broken", just not particularly visually pleasing. That part doesn't really have anything to do with JavaScript, but I would agree that depending on JavaScript to create layout is generally a bad idea.

@sphinxc0re So I guess, yeah, it could also be taken to mean "don't use JavaScript to do this because it won't work with JS off". But NOTHING (not just layout design) works with JS off in a client rendered SPA.

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